Saturday, March 18, 2006

Taiwan - Home Sweet Home

Last day in Taipei!

I played computer games with the kids this morning before going for lunch at 11.30am. We went to a BBQ Buffet restaurant in Ximending. Although the kids were having bad coughs, it did not stopped them from enjoying their last meal in Taipei! They could eat whatever they want. I didn't want to stop them because a trip to the doctor is inevitable when we return to Singapore.

The meats were not marinated. The restaurant has a special dipping sauce. It tastes great with meats.

The restaurant serves mant types of floral tea. I tried their lavender tea and then their rose tea. Service was prompt & the waitresses were attentive. They changed the hot grill a few times.

The restaurant didn't accept credit card. I had only less than NT2000 in my purse. The meal came up to NT1440. Oops! I might not have enough for the airport tax. I hope the airport staff accept credit card.

We went back to the hotel to pack. The receptionist had recommended an express bus that comes to the hotel to pick us to the airport. It costs NT130 per person. It would come at 3pm.

Finally the bus is here. There were many Singaporeans on the bus when we boarded it. Some of them were taking the same flight as we.

At the airport, I found out that the airport tax has been paid when I booked the ticket. Whew!
I had NT45 left in my pocket when the plane took off for Singapore.

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