Sunday, April 09, 2006


When I came down from my bedroom this morning, there was a sealed box on the dining table for me. I was so happy. It's my BBM4 package!!!!

I had almost given up hope. I checked the mailing date on the box. It said February 1st, 2006. It took more than 2 months to reach me! But it finally did, & was I glad.

My son, Jaymes was more excited than I was. He promptly slit open the box & took out the items gleefully.

It was sent to me by Teya Starre of Prescott, Arizona, USA.

There was a hand-written introductory letter,
a beautiful Arizona Year 2006 calendar,
a heart -shaped potholder( it didn't arrive before Valentine's day, Teya, but thanks for the thought)
a CD of contemporary, instrumental music by Douglas Spotted Eagle (awesome),
a hand-written recipe for Chalupa with a ready mixed packet of spices for the dish (so thoughtful!),
a postcard of Watson Lake, Prescott,
2 Menus from her local restaurants,
a packet of Appaloosa beans,
a packet of Peanut Brittle,
a bar of Chocolove Candy,
a bottle of Prickly Pear Marmalade,
a bottle of Arizona Gunslinger Chipotle Habanero pepper sauce
a can of diced Green chillies,
a bottle of Honey Pine Nut BBQ Sauce,
a jar of The Honeyman Coffee Creamed Honey,
a jar of The Honeyman Pure Arizona Honey,
a bottle of Toxic Toad Hot Pepper Sauce.

Wow! What a treasure! What a unique range of food!

"Toxic Toad!? What's that?" exclaimed my son. He tried the Appaloosa beans. "Hey! It's not cooked!" He nearly broke his teeth on that. ha ha ha .......

All this hot stuff is just perfect. My husband, Christopher loves hot stuff. Thank you very much, Teya. God Bless You.

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