Monday, April 10, 2006

Hong Kong Exchange student

The family went to Jaymes' school to pick up Andy Wong from Hong Kong. He's under the Hong Kong-Singapore Bi-cultural Student Exchange Program. He's going to stay over in my house for the night.

A pleasant& polite boy. He speaks English & Mandarin. He's the same age as Jaymes, slightly younger by a month. He's also in Secondary 3.

We brought him to Marina Square for dinner. As he wasn't hungry, we showed him the mall & Suntec City first. We walked round the Fountain of Wealth, the world's largest man-made fountain, for good luck.

We went to Candy Empire for some candies. The kids have fun picking their sweets & crisps.

We brought him to Marina Square's food court because I want him to try some of our local food. We ordered satay, popia (spring rolls), rojak (salad) for him to try. Andy is a small eater, he just took a bite of everything else.

After dinner, we went back home as the kids need to go to school the next day. After their baths, the kids played Chinese chess & before 11pm, they were sound asleep.

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