Saturday, April 15, 2006

Good Friday - Clarke Quay

I was to meet Sharon for a discussion, we arranged to have buffet lunch at Merchant Court Hotel.

We were early, so we took a stroll around Clarke Quay. It has been a long time since I was here. After an extensive revamp, the place looked awesome. There are huge canopies called "Angels", which are shelters with mini fans. There's a new water feature that sprouts water at a temperature of 16 deg C. It helps to cool the area. The revamp started about 2 years ago, costs S$80 million & will be completed by October.

Jaymes wanted to take the River Cruise but we didn't have enough time for that.

There was a Easter Day Children's Talent Competition going on but we were not allowed in as there was not even a standing place available. We tried to catch a glimpse of the competitors by standing on higher grounds. Some of the youngsters, aged 3 to 6 were a sight to behold. They were not intimidated in front of so many strangers. They danced & sang like a pro. Wow! I wish Jaymes were as brave as them when he was young.

We had lunch with Sharon at 12noon. There were the usual Peranakan dishes & wide choice of desserts, must have is the Durian Pengat. Today they are specially serving Prawn Noodle Soup, Bamboo Clams & Fish Maw Soup. I love Fish Maw & their Fish Maw soup is so delicious that I had 3 bowls of it!

Sharon left slightly after 2pm. It started to pour shortly after. Oh my, it was so heavy. Jaymes commented 'it was raining elephants & hippopotamus'. ha ha ha

We stayed on longer as it was impossible to cross the street where our car was parked.

Later we learnt that the heavy downpour caused a serious flooding in Bedok Reservoir Road. It was so bad that drivers had to desert their vehicles which were almost submerged in water. Scary!

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