Sunday, April 23, 2006

Family Carnival @ Katong

The whole family arrived at Katong Community Centre before 7.30am. Chris stayed behind to greet the new candidates for Marine Parade GRC, while the kids & I walked to the carnival site.

Shortly after, the new candidates arrived & were introduce to the grassroot members & residents of Mountbatten.

All gathered to welcome & greet Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong.

I had to jostle with many photographers for pictures of SM. I was surprised that I could get so close to SM. For a moment, I was just right behind him & I could have touched him. But dare not lah! What if the bodyguards think I am an assasin? I could die with many bullet holes you know!In fact, many people were able to shake his hand & pose for pictures with him. I got many glares from his bodyguards though, but they did not attempt to push me away nor stop me.

I don't know why I was taking so many pictures? One or two is enough, right? Crazy! Jostling & running with so many press photographers & camera crew is no joke! Theirs is a tough job. Many of Chris' grassroot members might be shocked at my behaviour. Who cares? The amused new candidate, Lim Biow Chuan asked me as I was rushing past him,"Is your camera working well?"

It was a very hot & humid day. I was wilting in this hot weather. SM was constantly wiping perspiration from his forehead. I took a rest while SM toured the stalls.

The kids went to exchange their coupons for Nasi Lemak, drinks & a goodie bag each. The Nasi Lemak was quite good, there was a deep-fried chicken wing, two fish-balls & omelette in the packet.

In the goodie bag, there was a bottle of NEWater, a pouch & a bottle of Yakult.

There was a light-hearted moment when the new candidates were asked to perform a dance. First they danced to the counts of the dance instructor, then SM decided to turn playful and volunteer to lead the group. It was a hilarious sight as the candidates turned karan-kabo (panicky) & messed up their dance steps.

There were food, ice-cold drinks, lucky draw, games stalls & performances to watch. There was a juggler, cute fella, he juggled his best for me to take a picture. I was almost hit by one of his pints when he missed. Whew! There were Malay traditional dance, belly dancing, hip-hop dancing, wushu performance, magic show, games, Salsa dance, singing, kids' performances......etc. It went on for a good 3 hours.

Jaymes won a Mickey Mouse watch. He was eyeing the prize of an Acrylic Chess set actually. Looks like I would have to buy him one then.

It was a great event. The residents were happy & everyone went home with something. The kids went home by themselves, happy with their souvenirs.

Chris & I went to Liang Court to redeem my CD & MP3 player. It was a gift from SPH for subscribing to a year of Straits Times. I know Jaymes' gonna want it when he see this.

We took a stroll to TCC (The Coffee Connoisseur cafe) at Clarke Quay for coffee. Chris ordered a Mocha Villa (S$6.90) & I, a Raspberry Tea Freeze (S$5.80). We asked for the Potato Wedges with Cheese dipping (S$7).

Aaaahhhhh!!!! Great beverages, nice ambience, most important....air-con!

On the way to the carpark, I couldn't resist taking this picture of Chris.

Chris protested at first & suggested I do it.

"Whhaaat? After that place it in your shop for people to see ah? Your wife is a one-nite-stand, is it? "

Reluctantly (when the picture came out, he looks so pleased!!!), he let me shoot him.

I'm sure he's going to announce this in his office.

TCC -The Coffee Conoisseur Clarke Quay Blk 3E River Valey Road #01-01

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