Sunday, April 23, 2006

Learning Fiesta

Jaymes' school held Learning Fiesta Day. He asked me to be his 'official photographer'. He's going to demonstrate a game he modified from Dungeons & Dragons.

Earlier in the morning, there was a parade of the uniformed groups. Then there was a prize presentation ceremony. Awards were given to long serving staff of the school.

I was not happy with Jaymes' exhibits. I had given him suggestions on what to do & yet he didn't listen. He forgot to bring the dices for his game too. Lazy bum. Need to pull up his socks.

I was quite impressed by the students' works. Some of them were pretty good. You can see that these students spent time & effort on their work. I'm proud of them.

I was also impressed by Jaymes' presentation. Hmmmm...... I should start training him to assist me in my presentations. I was happy to hear most of the visitors praising him on his work.

The Parents' Support Group(PSG) set up two stalls. One was at the canteen selling drinks. They sold a special Indian beverage, Green Mango Pulp. Another was a Bhangra Dance stall, offering henna hand painting. There were long queues for this service.

PSG members, Swinder, Cynthia, Jackie, Cecilia, Kelly & Rose performed an Indian dance. The students whistled & cheered loudly for them. Ya, go Mamas go! Later, some sporty teachers joined them for another round of dancing.

At 1pm, the students were dismissed. I brought Jaymes for lunch at Big Fish Seafood Grill as an encouragement for his good performance.

Jaymes ordered their Pan-fried Sole Fillet set lunch (S$14.95) while I took the Cajun Chicken with Pesto Prawn (S$14.95). The set lunch includes a French Onion soup, a drink (Jaymes asked for Iced Lemon Tea) & a scoop of ice-cream. The soup was good. It was savoury & full of flavour. Both of us like it.

The Pan-fried Sole, set on top of mashed potato & lettuce, was delicious. The portion was small. My Cajun Chicken was skinless, tender & moist, tastes wonderful. The prawns were fresh & crunchy. These went well with the sauces drizzled round the plate. Sliced almonds topped the scoop of chocolate ice-cream.

Big Fish Seafood Grill 85 Upper East Coast Road Tel : 6441 6920

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