Monday, January 02, 2006

Quiet New Year's Eve

I cooked a simple NY Eve dinner as we have been eating much more meat than usual since Christmas Eve.

We watched a video & then Christopher went to watch EPL at the coffee shop nearby. It was his favourite football team, Liverpool versus West Bromwich Albion. He came back after the first half of the game as they switched to watching the Countdown on another channel.

New Year's Day

I stopped by the Esplanade to take a picture of the floating balls in the bay. The organisers might not repeat it again.

We went to Chinatown for a Dimsum breakfast. The food was great & the prices reasonable. It was the morning after Countdown & the place was packed & there was a continuous stream of customers.

It started to pour so we couldn't do any outdoor shopping. I decided to go to Rochor Centre to buy Chinese New Year decorations. There were many new & beautiful decorations. We had a hard time deciding what to buy.

We sent Jaymes home & later went to Marina Square. We bought some candies & more decorations for Chinese New Year.


We went to Ikea this morning and there was already a long queue of cars waiting to enter the carpark. Jaymes & I went to look for a table at the cafe while Christopher looked for a parking lot.

We ordered Roast Beef (S$8.90), Poached Salmon (S$6.50), Chicken Chop Rice (S$4.90), Swedish Meatballs (S$5.80), 2 chicken wings (S$2.60), a slice each of Princess Cake (S$2.90) & Daim cake (S$3.20). I love their meatballs & Princess cake. The cakes are sweet but I particularly love the melt-in-the mouth taste of Princess cake.

I bought some lanterns & ornamental plants.

After all that shopping, we had their hotdogs and you can squeeze an unlimited amount of mustard & chilli sauce to it.

Ikea has been Jaymes' favourite store since young. When he was a toddler, we would leave him for an hour at the children's playroom, where there is a room full of colourful plastic balls, and then also a room that shows cartoons. He would not leave when it was time to pick him up.

When he gets older, he enjoys their food, he would always order the Prawn Salad, either Poached Salmon or Meatballs. As their menu expands, he would try each & every one of them. He looks forward to their special set of the day. We even considered buying an apartment opposite Ikea. So crazy!

Whenever we go Ikea, he would first have a meal at their cafe, then shop with us & ends it with a hotdog set.

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