Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ang Mo Kio Central

It has been raining hard since Sunday morning. It is still raining now. The weather is wet & cold. In Singapore, one does not often get a chance to wear thick clothings, but these two days, I notice more people wearing long sleeves woollen sweaters. I took the opportunity to bring out my long-sleeved sweater too.

Christopher & I went to the nursery to check out the plants for our Chinese New Year decoration. It started pouring the moment we stepped into the nursery. We left empty-handed as the plants were too wet to be put in the car.

S11 Coffee Shop
Ang Mo Kio Central Block 727, near Courts
We had lunch at at a nearby coffee shop. We ordered the Ampany Yong Tau Foo (S$3.50). Oh, good & cheap. There was a long queue at Chai Chee Village Noodle stall, the queue was still there after we had finished our meal.

The Chinese Ramen Stall was doing a brisk business too. The ramen is good. They have many different tastes. I like their Spicy Ramen. I used to frequent their branch at Jalan Besar but it has since closed down.

Australian Fish & Chip
They wrapped the Fish & Chips in paper if you want it take-away, just like in Australia!

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