Thursday, December 29, 2005

Raffles City Shopping Mall

THE Robinson's Sale is on. Christopher needs to get some business shirts, so we went shopping early this morning. Scores of shoppers were waiting outside Robinsons when we arrived. When the doors opened at 10.30am, they rushed in.

Christopher bought 3 business shirts & also a few short-sleeved shirts for the occasional casual outing. He left me to shop when its time for work. Jaymes joined me after his Chemistry lessons.

We had lunch at Food Junction. Jaymes bought Bamboo Chicken Rice set while I had Century Egg Porridge. The porridge was like pig swill as there were irritating bits & pieces of soft bones in it. I believe the cook just grinds the pork soft bones & dumped it into the porridge to cook.

We had Teriyaki Chicken Burgers at Japanese fastfood outlet, Mos Burger. Jaymes loves their corn soup.

We then adjourned to Ya Kun Kaya Toast for their Teh-si, which is tea with evaporated milk. Jaymes ordered a portion of hteir kaya toast too.

It was a fruitful day for each of us.

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