Thursday, December 22, 2005

Little Thailand - Golden Mile Complex
5001 Beach Road

I was at Golden Mile Complex to help my former student Iis buy coach tickets to KL. He's from Indonesia & would be spending his Christmas with his wife in Singapore & then they would go to KL by coach.

After buying the tickets, I decided to shop for some Thai ingredients & Jaymes favourite Thai snacks. There is a supermarket on the 1st level, selling a variety of Thai goods. I was very happy to find my favourite instant noodle. I had tried it once & had forgotten the brand, it is from Thailand. I was looking high & low for it in various supermarkets & today I finally found it here.

Both Chris & I like it for its spicy, creamy Tom Yam soup base. It is too spicy (for me) that my tears would be flowing after one bowl. But it tastes so good!

I discovered a stall selling Thai desserts on the ground floor. I bought Mango Rice (S$4), Corn Pudding (S$3), a Thai Otak (S$3) & Crispy Coconut Pancakes (S$2 for a pack of 6).

Chris & Jaymes agreed with me that all taste delicious.

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