Saturday, December 17, 2005

Jaymes the Baker

Jaymes completed his professional bread making course today. I paid S$1365 for it. He has learnt to make more than 40 types of bread. He had his practical at a bakery for more than a week. He got an Excellence in his certificate.

He has been asking for a professional cake baking course. it costs S$1800. I have to think about it. Chris & I had to eat bread everyday for almost all our 3 meals for the 3 weeks he was taking the course. We tried to give them away to neighbours & friends. After 4 days, everyone avoided us! The whole family put on weight due to the high amount of carbohydrates we were taking daily.

Jaymes had to make at least 4 types of bread ( 1kg of flour) a day. For the cake baking, he has to make 2 to 3 1-kg cakes a day. Who wants to help me eat them???

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