Monday, September 16, 2019

Chaozhou: Guangji Bridge

Guangji Bridge

When visitors go to Chaozhou, the residents would encourage them to see Guangji Bridge. They say, "If you have not visited Guangji Bridge, you have not been to Chaozhou.

I brought my husband to take a look at the most famous attraction in Chaozhou. This old bridge crosses the Han River. The 518 m arch bridge with 18 pavilions has a unique architectural style and eighteen floating boats connecting the bridge in the middle.

Guangji Bridge 18 floating boats

The 18 floating boats are "stored away" every evening and “brought back” the next morning. When the bridge is open, there is a channel for ships and boats to get across. We were lucky to witness the closing of the channel one morning. (Watch video)

Guangji Bridge at night

In the evenings, two laser light displays are scheduled at Guangji Bridge. It is a spectacular show. I recommend going for the first show at 8 pm, sometimes the 2nd show is cancelled without notice.

Guangji Bridge Laser Show

There was heavy rain on the day we visited Guangji Bridge, it did not deter us. We had fun in the rain.

Ticket:20 renminbi

Guangji Bridge
广州省潮州市凤洲西路 (凤凰洲公园内)
Chaozhou, Guangzhou, China 
Opening hours: 10:00 - 17:30

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