Thursday, May 04, 2017

Hwa Seng Fish Porridge 华成鱼糜

Fried Sambal Fish Head 炒辣椒红哥里鱼头 

Early this morning, my foodie buddy Angie messaged me to meet her for breakfast at Bendemeer Market and Food Centre. I dressed up and rushed down to meet her as it has been a long time since we had breakfast together.

She had just finished drinking her coffee when I arrived. She recommended one char kway teow (fried rice noodle) stall but it was closed today. She then brought me to Hwa Seng Fish Porridge for their Stir Fried Sambal Fish Bone Hor Fun (broad rice noodles).

Fried Sambal Fish Bone Hor Fun 炒辣椒鱼骨河粉

The owner Mr Pang told us we have to wait at least 15 minutes for the dish. We didn't mind waiting, Angie ordered a Fried Sambal Fish Head too.

When the dishes were served to us, we discovered that the portions given was too much for the two of us. Diners sharing our table were visibly amused when they saw our dishes. haha.... After our meal, half a plate of the noodles was left, I requested for it to takeaway for my hubby.  

The fish used in both dishes was fresh and it was cooked in a delicious sambal sauce that was not overwhelming. One could wolf down bowls of steamed white rice if the sambal sauce is spooned over it. The broad rice noodles has the wok hei (smoky flavour) fragrance, the fish bones were quite meaty.

It was a challenge eating the sambal fish head using chopsticks, but I enjoyed eating it. My lips felt sticky from the fish collagen. huh huh ....   

A customer who shared our table, recommends Mr Pang's fried rice which is less greasy. We will try her recommendation the next time we come for lunch.

I had a chat with the owner Mr Pang while I had my rice noodles packed for takeaway. He was busy cooking for the lunch time crowd so I could only ask a few questions.

Hwa Seng was originally from Sembawang but moved to Bendemeer Market and Food Centre 18 years ago. Mr Pang dropped out of school when he was in his early teens and became a hawker as it was the only option for him since he doesn't have a high education.

It will be his 50th year in business soon but he is feeling burned out due to the long working hours and shortage of workers. His day starts at 7 am when he shops for the ingredients and prepares them. He opens for business at 11 am and closes at 9 pm. A hardworking man, he is on his feet for 16 hours a day. He sleeps around midnight and the same routine starts the next morning. He has a rest day on Saturdays and his stall is closed for 15 days during Chinese New Year.

Mr Pang has no successor and he feels sad that his stall will become history one day.

Hwa Seng Fish Porridge 华成鱼糜
#01-22 Bendemeer Market and Food Centre,
Block 29 Bendemeer Road SG 330029
Business hours : 11 am - 9 pm
Closed on Saturdays

早上接到贪吃一号安琪的简讯约我吃早餐。我这几个月都在上课, 我们好久没在一起吃早餐了。约了在明地迷亚小贩中心见,我换了衣服就飞奔过去。

安琪本来要吃的炒粿条,摊主这天休息。她就带我去吃炒辣椒鱼骨河粉, 还加了一份炒辣椒红哥里鱼头。

食物送来的时候,与我们共桌的食客们都傻了眼。两大盘食物,看这两个女人怎么吃完!? 呵呵 。。。

炒河粉有镬气, 新鲜的鱼骨还蛮多肉的! 食物的分量太多了,剩下半盘的河粉打包回家给老公吃。

不喧宾夺主的辣椒酱汁更显鱼头的鲜美, 拌饭应该也会很好吃吧。两盘佳肴都加了苦瓜, 我喜欢。我用筷子吃辣椒鱼头是有点挑战性。比起我喜欢吃的峇淡鱼唇,这道炒辣椒红哥里鱼头有过之而无不及。

午餐时间,看到好多食客们都点他的鱼片汤, 华成鱼糜的鱼胜在新鲜。共桌的食客推荐他的炒饭,不会太油腻。下次我们要尝一尝。

华成鱼糜从忠邦搬来明地迷亚小贩中心有18年了。潘老板从十多岁辍学, 当小贩到现在快50年了。勤劳的老板每天工作16小时,午夜才上床休息,第二天早上又得早早起身买食材, 准备开档。他早上11点开档, 一直做到晚上9点收档。每逢星期六休息,农历新年就休息15 天。


#01-22 明地迷亚小贩中心
早上11点 - 晚上9点

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