Sunday, May 07, 2017

Birthday Date With My Son 儿子为我庆生

Ecstatic .... I had a dinner date with my son who cancelled his Saturday night out with friends so as to celebrate my birthday and an early Mother's Day.

We have not had dinner together for weeks due to my long school hours and his business trip to Europe. Yes, I went back to school .... it's called lifelong learning. haha ...

We had so much to share with each other, we stayed until the restaurant's closing time. Haha 😂

My son picked this Chinese restaurant at Parkway and selected the dishes. His boss brought him here for a business meeting cum lunch once. My son was impressed with the food.

Since it is a birthday meal, he said I must eat a noodle dish. For the Chinese, the long strands of noodles symbolise longevity. I used to cook noodles for my mother on her birthday, now that it is my turn to be served noodles on my birthday, I suddenly feel so old. haha .....

This Heng Hwa Lor Mee (braised noodles), long rice noodles braised in a savoury gravy with fresh seafood, is delicious.

My son knows that I like duck and yam, he ordered this Deep Fried Duck with Yam. The younger generation probably like this dish. For me, the duck meat tastes too dry after the deep frying.

I love eggplants. The deep fried eggplant with pork floss is also one of my favourite dishes. Pleasantly surprised by the yummy taste of the deep fried sesame buns with shredded pork filling. My son's personal favourite which I could cook as well.

The dishes here tasted like home cooked food and prices are not too costly. Thanks to my son for his treat. *feeling blessed*

儿子周末夜不约朋友们出去,选择请我吃饭, 为我庆祝生日和母亲节。我好开心 😄

这几个星期我忙着上课,儿子又去欧洲出差,我们难得一起吃顿饭。这顿饭吃到餐馆打烊 。。。😄

我的生日餐吃口味比较清淡的福建菜 :


儿子孝順、懂事、有責任感, 我感到安慰。

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  1. Eggs plants I do like also.
    Plan to plant some in garden this year.
    Coffee is on