Sunday, April 30, 2017

Longest Brunch on Sunday : Monti @ The Fullerton Pavilion Monti 星期日早午餐

Monti at the iconic Fullerton Pavilion is serving an Italian-style buffet brunch from 12 noon to 3 pm every Sunday.

I arrived a little early for my brunch appointment and lucky me was able to pick a table by the window. I was awed by the splendid view of Marina bay and Marina Bay Sands hotel.

I had a look at the salad bar and the dessert table before my lunch companions arrive.

The cakes were so tempting. Oh my gosh, it's going to be a cheat day (I am on a low-carbo diet) for me as I deliberate over which ones to pick.

I had the tiramisu, peanut cream cheese tartlets, mango panna cotta and Torta Caprese after my main course.

Cold cuts : Prosciutto, Salame, Cotechino, Capocollo, pork rillette, duck rilliette, Nduja

When my brunch companions arrived, the manager took our orders and served our drinks shortly. There was a slight commotion when our seafood platter arrived. The waiter poured some cold water onto the ice creating a flowing dry ice effect as he served. We were busy snapping pictures.

Before we could sit down to eat, the cold cut tray was served. I tasted a little of all the cold cut on the tray and like the duck rillette very much.

To enjoy the seafood platter more, we used our hands. LOL .... the seafood was so fresh I could eat it on its own. I love the sweet, springy clams.

If you want to have a late breakfast of omelette, eggs Benedict, eggs salmon Florentine or French toast, the kitchen would gladly cook them.

From the brunch menu, I ordered the pan cooked foie gras on toast. Heavenly! Although there is no limit on the number of meat dishes one can order, I was watching my diet and didn't go overboard.

My two male companions were very kind and kept sharing their dishes with me. So I had a taste of the charcoal grilled Iberico pork jowl, ribeye steak, seabream with saffron sauce and grilled lamb chop.

I only ordered a glass of red wine but the Guest Relations Manager Newman wanted me to taste a special drink concocted by their mixologist, Kumar.

Kumar showed me how he make a refreshing alcoholic concoction using smoked Applewood.

Kumar's special concoction has a sweet and delicate flavour. It's a refreshing drink after consuming lots of meat. haha.....

When the risotto live station was brought to our tableside, we couldn't resist crowding around the chef to take photos and video. The chef stirred the risotto in the huge cheese wheel.

I was sent a small bowl despite telling the chef I was too full to eat any more. But I finished my bowl of risotto cooked with parmesan cheese, black pepper and black truffle. Yums.

Monti Festino Sunday Brunch  (12 noon - 3 pm)

Brunch Buffet only                                                   $90++ pp

Brunch Buffet & Non-alcoholic drinks           $120++ pp

Brunch Buffet & Free Flow wine                    $140++ pp

Brunch Buffet & Free Flow Champagne         $160++ pp

Monti @ The Fullerton Pavilion,
82 Collyer Quay, Singapore, 049327
Tel : 6535 0724

******* 000 OOO 000 *******

受邀出席 Monti 餐厅的星期日早午餐品尝会。Monti 推出长达3小时的意大利式自助餐。餐厅面向滨海湾, 可以一边放松身心享用美食一边欣赏滨海湾美丽的城市景色。


蛮欣赏餐厅的海鲜拼盘; 食材新鲜,特别爱那甜美的蛤蜊。精选意大利冷切肉拼盘比较咸,配着脆面包或饼干吃更好。

有9种主菜供选择, 无限量供应,让你吃饱为止。不要忘了, 还有自助沙拉吧和甜品台。

现场有厨师示范烹煮黑松露意大利烩饭, 真有趣 。。。就用一个巨大的乳酪轮搅拌意大利烩饭!

每人 $ 90++ 自助餐,
每人 $120++ 的配套包括了不含酒精饮料,
每人 $140++ 的配套包括了无限红酒续杯,
每人 $160++ 配套则包括了无限香槟续杯。

Monti 餐厅  Fullerton Pavilion,