Saturday, April 29, 2017

Inspiring Technology at Tech Saturday 2017 科技展

 Singapore’s first solar electric 3D-printed car 

Visited Tech Saturday with a friend and her two children. I am probably spending too much time with the elderly ..... my jaws dropped when I discovered the amazing technology advancements out there.

My friend's two kids were like fish in the water at this tech carnival, they pick up things very fast and were having fun tinkering with the gadgets. They must think I am a dinosaur as I am not tech savvy. haha.....

We had a look at the projects submitted by the young participants of the First Lego League Junior Contest. Pretty high standards with all the teams putting in great efforts.

There were quite a number of interesting workshops and activities for the kids (and interested adults too) to explore and learn. The children wanted to sign up for every workshop. LOL

My girlfriend and I tried to visit all the exhibitors and make enquiries. We were interested in some of the products and classes offered.

Lab on wheels - a secret lab on board a bus. There was a long queue to get on this bus parked inside the exhibition hall. We were told there will be robots and special lasers on board. My friend queued while the children and I went to look at the other exhibits.

The boy saw this cool demo and wanted to have a go at it.

After a brief explanation on how to control and fly his own unmanned aircraft, my friend's elder boy tried his hand at flying a drone. Wow. I flew kites when I was a kid, the kids of the future will fly drones. LOL

This interesting display had the children and I cracking up .... the fruits made sounds when we pat them. How do they do it? Sign up for their class to learn how. I shall learn from the boy after his lesson. *wink wink*

Wow. Print a car! Didn't imagine it to be possible until I touch Singapore's solar electric 3D printed car. Racing at a top speed of 52km/h, this award-winning car was created by a group of Nanyang Technological University engineering students.

More new technology for the young to explore .....

All this technology is going to change our future lifestyle and the way we work too.

As Singapore gears up to be a Smart Nation, we need to prepare ourselves for the inevitable changes. I have been taking IT courses to update myself and learn how to use the latest technology at this hi-tech age.

Tech Saturday Carnival 2017,
organised by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)

Time : 29 and 30 April, 11 am to 7 pm
Venue : Marina Bay Sands Expo, Level 1, Hall C
Free entry

女友带孩子们去滨海湾金沙会议展览中心参观科技展, 邀我同去。孩子们最高兴了, 一看到好玩的,都报名参加。我和女友每个展览摊位都停下来看看, 认真地听听解说。一些最先进的高科技技术, 真的令我大开眼界, 获益良多。

令我印象深刻的 : 新加坡南洋理工大学的学生们创造出了新加坡第一部3D打印的太阳能电动车; 学习飞无人机; 以机械人作装卸组件。

我们和孩子都喜欢音乐水果, 轻轻拍水果能使它发出不同的音响, 好好笑!

滨海湾金沙会议展览中心馆C, 1楼
展会从4月29至30日, 早上11时至傍晚7时。

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