Sunday, April 02, 2017

Jiaji Duck 加积鸭

Jiaji duck is one of the four most famous dishes in the Hainan cuisine. Whenever we are back in the village, my brother-in-law would cook us a duck every alternate day because we love to eat it. I am missing it as I write this. *sad*

Commonly found in Qionghai, we were told that Jiaji duck was brought back by overseas Chinese from Malaysia several hundred years ago, so it is also known as “foreign duck”. LOL....

We reared 15 Jiaji ducks on our farm for our own consumption. We keep them in a coop and feed them with cooked rice, coconut shreds, and chaff. This special diet gives us ducks that have thicker meat, thin skin, soft bone and little fat.

The cost of breeding this duck is high, my brother-in-law has requests from others wanting to buy his ducks but he always decline because he doesn't know how much he should charge. He is a simple man and does not think of making money from others.

This variety of duck is different from others because its fat between the skin and flesh has a special fragrance.

The traditional way to prepare Jiaji duck is to boil it in water, cut it up, then eat with a dipping sauce made of diced chilli, lime juice, sesame oil, sugar, chopped ginger and garlic with a little boiling hot duck broth.

When we were boiling the duck, the fragrance fills the whole house. The soup is especially flavourful, I would add salted mustard leaves or make duck soup noodles with it.

When we offer the Jiaji duck to our ancestors for worship, it has to be served with its innards.

Make sure you have a taste of Jiaji duck when you are in Hainan. You might love the taste.


我们家养的加积鸭是以传统的笼养方式,喂它们的饲料是米饭,椰丝和谷壳。成本高但养出的鸭, 皮薄肉厚、脂肪少、骨头脆、肉味香。

“白斩”加积鸭(又称“白切”)最能体现原汁原味。加上特别调制的佐料助味, 简直是完美组合。

佐料是 :蒜茸、姜茸、挤入酸桔汁、加白糖、芝麻油、辣椒酱, 用滚鸭汤冲入调成。


  1. Ouh so there is a difference between these ducks and the normal ones? More fragrant? :)

  2. Will try this dish when I finally pay a visit to my ancestral land as well. :)