Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Serving English Breakfast In A Hainan Village 在海南家乡煮西式早餐

After days of having breakfast served to me, I woke up very early on the 6th day to prepare western breakfast for the children. Second daughter-in-law was also awoke. I offered to cook breakfast for the rest of the family but she politely declined. She cooked porridge.

I wanted to buy some pork from the market to make hamburgers but was stopped by second daughter-in-law because there was too much meat at home. So I went to the fridge to check out the ingredients. There were Taiwanese sausages which have a sweet taste. I prefer savoury sausages. 

There was a lot of free range eggs from our farm reared chickens. We usually collect about 9 or 10 eggs daily. The children have grown tired of eating eggs, so I have to think of ways to entice them to eat the eggs. I used the eggs for cooking omelette, sunny-sides up and French toast.

I couldn't cook scrambled eggs because the butter looks weird. Elder daughter-in-law bought the expensive butter in Haikou, it doesn't melt at room temperature. As we use lard in our daily cooking, I assumed the scrambled eggs would not taste as good, so I didn't make any. 

While I was frying the eggs. the children came down to help. Their mother had awaken them up to assist me. haha ..... They helped to toast and butter the bread, then set the table. 

To my dismay, I discovered that there are no place knives, forks, butter spreader and breakfast plates. So we had to make do with whatever we have, they ate using chopsticks. LOL ..... there goes my enthusiasm for wanting to show them how to eat a western breakfast.

When I was making French toast, both daughters-in-law crowded round me to watch how it was done. They tasted the toast and liked it very much, so did the rest of the family. Both my brother-in-law and his wife who are not adventurous when it comes to food, took a slice to try.

I could see that my extended family were pretty pleased with the meal. Living in a tiny Chinese village, they are used to seeing such dishes on TV or read about them in newspapers. Now they were actually tasting the food for themselves and experiencing foreign dishes with different flavours.  

海南家乡的孩子们每天吃中餐都有点乏味了, 忽然要求我做西式早餐和三文治, 我也乐得做。回家乡每天有人给我做饭挺好的, 但是久了就弄得我很不好意思。能为家人做饭, 我高兴都来不及。

那天早上我起得特早, 自己一个人正在厨房里煎荷包蛋时, 孩子们都来帮忙了。原来二媳妇把他们叫醒的 。。。

孩子们真乖, 又帮忙烤面包还准备餐具开饭。我突然发现家里没有刀叉, 西餐盘子, 只好将就点用筷子吃西餐。哈哈。。。

食材是白面包和牛奶, 还有好多鸡蛋。家里养的20多只母鸡每天下9、10粒蛋, 孩子们吃蛋都吃腻了。除了荷包蛋、煎蛋饼, 我动点脑筋给他们来款法式吐司, 大家吃得开心, 也解决了鸡蛋太多吃不完的问题。



  1. it must be quite an experience for them. Do they eat half-boiled eggs over there?

  2. You seem to be spending a lot of time in mainland China... all for fun?!

    1. Yes, I have been flying there quite often. For fun and did some work. Maybe drop by Hong Kong I should stop by Hong Kong. hehe....