Saturday, September 10, 2016

Traditional Chinese Pastries in Singapore 新加坡的华人传统糕点

My spouse is a fan of Lao Po Biscuit (wife cake) or Sweet Heart Cake. It is a traditional Chinese snack with winter melon paste. He was delighted to find this flaky pastry at the Takashimaya Mooncake Fair. As we have already bought many mooncakes, he bought one wife cake just for tasting.

Once home, he let me have a bite of his snack and I was hooked. The filling is chewy, not too sweet and has winter melon bits in it.

The following week, we went back to get a dozen of them and shared some with our elders who like them very much.

This is a lotus paste pastry with a single salted egg yolk and it is called "Tikus" (Malay word meaning 'mouse').

We bought one for tasting too and it was delicious! The pastry was rich and buttery, the lotus paste was smooth and not too sweet. The combination of the buttery pastry, smooth lotus paste and salted egg yolk was a deliciously rich, salty-sweet snack.

We returned to the stall for half a dozen of this pastry and distributed them to our elderly kinsmen.

Freshly made each morning, these old school coconut tarts were yummy too but they were not impressive. Hubby loves the coconut tarts though.

The bakery also makes cream horns but due to the baking of mooncakes for the coming festive celebration, these cream horns are not available at the food fair. I was a little disappointed because I like cream horns very much.

The bakery sell these old school pastries only during food fairs at the basement of Takashimaya.

在高岛屋的月饼促销会中无意间看到这些华人传统糕点; 有老婆饼、老鼠饼 (莲蓉单黄饼)、椰挞等, 买了一些回去试吃。因为饼家忙着烘月饼, 我喜欢的奶油牛角酥却没有卖, 好失望。

这些糕点每天新鲜出炉, 老婆饼和老鼠饼意外的好吃! 老婆饼皮薄馅厚, 馅料里的冬瓜蓉香滑而不腻。

外形长长的像老鼠. 所以就叫"老鼠饼"的中秋小吃, 饼皮很松软, 似黄梨饼的口感。馅料软滑、味道甜而不腻, 是一道不错的糕点。长辈们都很喜欢吃。我们倒回去买了三次。哈哈 。。。


  1. Some of those traditional pastries sound very traditionally Hong Kong, e.g., the lo por peng along with coconut tarts! ;)