Monday, September 05, 2016

Mensa Singapore Durian SIG 新加坡Mensa协会榴梿爱好者榴梿自助餐

Mensa Singapore Durian SIG held its annual durian buffet for its durian loving members on 5th September (Monday night) at East Coast Road.

Only 10 members could make it as it was a weekday night. These brave souls do not mind polluting their work places the next day with their durian breaths and gas. hahaha....

Happy to see familiar faces, several new faces and our immediate past President, Patrick Khoo.

We tried a variety of 6 durians : Red Prawn, D13, Black Pearl, XO, Green Bamboo and Mao Shan Wang.

Our votes for the top 3 durians went to D13, XO and Black Pearl.

We enjoyed the durians very much tonight. We are looking forward to the next durian gathering at the end of this year.

The King of durians, Mao Shan Wang, was too dry for our taste. The most expensive branded durian does not necessary taste the best. See you all again! We might plan to go Penang for durian hunting next year!

新加坡Mensa协会榴梿爱好者每年都聚在一起享受榴梿自助餐。今晚我们在东海岸路的露天榴梿摊品尝了6种榴梿 : D13, 红虾, 青竹, XO, 黑珍珠和猫山王。很高兴看到几位熟面孔, 也来了几位新成员, 大家都吃得尽兴而归。

明年我们去槟城吃榴梿, 好不好? 哈哈哈 。。。

成为新加坡Mensa高智商协会会员的要求是 :


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