Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Japan Autumn Fair @ Takashimaya Singapore 高岛屋日本秋交会2016

I have been going to the mooncake fair at Ngee Ann City to buy mooncakes and Hainanese snacks as gifts to my friends and relatives. As it gets nearer to Mid Autumn Festival, the crowds are starting to come in with many overseas shoppers from the region. It doesn't help that it is our September school holidays now.

I went back this afternoon and had lunch before my shopping. I have been wanting to try the healthy Japanese set lunch here. There are so many senior citizens having their meals here. I love saba fish and this set lunch consists of a bowl of azuki red bean steamed rice.

I visited the Japan Autumn Fair @ Takashimaya last Monday, I am back to buy green tea powder, 30 g of Uji Mukashi cost me S$20. The sales promoter recognised me and let me sample their green tea chocolate and green tea jelly.

I just had to get this ultra sweet roasted Japanese sweet potato. A lady in the queue ahead of me bought more than a hundred dollars worth of this delicacy. I bought one the week before and left it in the fridge, it tastes like sweet potato ice cream. Bought some for my family today.

This Japanese chef was frying rice with eggs and dashi (stock) powder. She offered me some fried rice to taste, and 3 different types of soups made with their signature dashi powder for me to try. The soup has delicate flavour and a fragrant aroma.

The basic natural ingredients of this Japanese styled dashi are roasted flying fish, round herring, kombu kelp and dried bonito flakes. I seized the opportunity to ask the chef some questions on Japanese cooking. haha....

When I stopped to check the price of this stall's Japanese umeshu (plum liqueur), the enthusiastic sales promoter began offering me samples of her fruit liqueur. Discovered some exciting flavours but could not buy as I have too may things to carry.

Umeshu (梅酒) is a Japanese liqueur made from steeping plums in alcohol.

我又回去义安城买月饼和海南糕点送礼, 顺便吃午餐。饭后逛逛高岛屋日本秋交会, 品尝来自日本的美食。这次尝了水果梅酒, 鲣鱼高汤粉煮的料理, 绿茶冻, 还买了顶级绿茶粉和超甜的烤红薯。

高岛屋日本秋交会 8月29日至9月15日

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  1. Is that green tea? It's nice to have tea with mooncakes. This year I wont be buying any coz I made some . 1st time making mooncakes