Saturday, September 03, 2016

World's First Michelin-starred Street Food Stall Serving the Cheapest Michelin-starred Meal 世界最便宜的米其林星级美食街摊位

In the first Singapore Michelin Guide, two Singapore hawker stalls have been awarded the one-star rating by Michelin. Singaporean chef Chan Hon Meng was one of the two hawkers who was awarded a Michelin star on 21st Jul 2016.

I have eaten at his Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle stall at Chinatown Food Complex before he won the award. His stall already has a long queue daily. I had to queue for 45 minutes for a plate of his soya sauce chicken rice then.

Mr Chan serves a delicious plate of Cantonese soya sauce chicken rice for S$2 (USD1.50). Now his stall is the first Michelin-starred street food stall in the world serving the cheapest Michelin-starred meal!

These days, customers start queuing an hour before his stall opens in the morning. There is easily 100 people in the long, snaking queue starting from the front of his stall. Customers wait patiently for their turn.

A friend from KL came with her family last week and they queued for 3 hours for his soya sauce chicken rice and char siew (BBQ pork). She said it was worth queuing for it. haha....

Overseas friends who visit Singapore have been asking to eat at Mr Chan's stall. I have brought a couple of them there but it was too exhausting for me. The food centre is not air-conditioned, it is very humid and stuffy. Standing in the queue for two hours is a torture for me. The longest I have queued is two hours.

It's hard to find a delicious meal for only S$2 in Singapore. I like his soya sauce chicken which is tender and juicy, a whole chicken costs only S$14. His braising gravy is flavourful, I could just eat a plate of steamed white rice with the gravy spoon over it.

第一本《新加坡米其林指南》里, 陈翰铭师傅是第一个被授予米其林星的街头小贩, 也是世界最便宜的米其林星级美食街摊位。

陈师傅卖了30几年油鸡, 8年前在牛车水大厦熟食中心开档。他的香港油鸡饭每盘只要$2(1.50美元),  油鸡面S$2.50(2美元)。。。是世界上最便宜的星级美食。

他的档口每天吸引好多人排长龙等开档。我带外国朋友去吃, 远远就看到长长的队伍。我排队最长时间是两小时。

上个星期有个吉隆坡朋友带了一家大小慕名而来, 排了三个小时, 就为了吃世界上最便宜的星级美食。好夸张喔! 老实说, 陈师傅油亮油亮的鸡肉再淋上他的独特酱汁, 好美味! 他的粤式油鸡和叉烧, 配饭或配面都好吃!

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