Thursday, August 11, 2016

Lunch @ ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre ABC砖厂巴刹和熟食中心吃午餐


Together with hubby, we took a bus to the newly revamped ABC Brickworks Food Centre located in Bukit Merah one week day morning. A fellow foodie wanted to join us for lunch but didn't know how to get there, he asked what the initials "ABC" stands for.

Found out that it is named after Singapore's first commercial brewery, the Archipelago Brewery Company where Anchorpoint now stands. Also, there used to be brickwork factories in the vicinity.


It was only past 11 am but there was a queue in front of Fatty Cheong's roasts (肥仔祥). Hubby queued for a plate of his favourite roast pork belly, roast duck and char siew with rice (S$13.50). We only like the crackling skin of the roast pork belly.

This was my second visit to this hawker centre. I had the delicious chendol by Jin Jin Desserts (津津甜品) on my first visit. We ordered their signature gangster ice (S$2.50) and power chendol (S$2). Gangster ice turns out to be a combination of fresh mango cubes and a scoop of durian ice cream on shaved ice. hmm...


The power chendol tastes better with the thick, gooey gula melaka. And it comes with attap chee (nipah palm seeds) besides the chendol and red beans.

Spotted a beverage stall selling old school pineapple drink and bird's nest drink. Ordered a cup each for nostalgia's sake. haha...


Before going home, I stopped at a stall selling baked goods and was delighted to discover this yummy baked tapioca kuehs (cakes).

The stall is owned by a cheerful Hainan mai (lady) who learnt her baking from old Hainanese pastry chefs. While we were chatting with her, there was a steady stream of customers buying her baked goods especially the butter cakes and tapioca kuehs which are baked fresh daily.


I bought several pieces of baked tapioca kuehs and coconut tarts. I didn't get a chance to eat the delicious coconut tarts, hubby ate them because he loves coconuts. I will go back for more of her baked goods.

Counted more than a hundred stalls selling an amazing diversity of hawker food and friends recommended some food stalls. Going to come back for more tasty food.

与先生去翻新后的ABC砖厂巴刹和熟食中心吃午餐。熟食中心位于武吉美拉, 在著名的亚历山大村对面。

经朋友们介绍, 吃了肥仔祥的烧腊, 还有津津甜品的珍多冰和流氓冰 (榴芒冰 = 榴梿与芒果冰)。卖相不错的珍多冰比较好吃, 材料有红豆、绿粉条、亞答子、椰奶, 再淋上浓稠的椰糖浆

我们吃甜品时, 发现一摊卖古早味黄梨水和燕窝水的, 就叫来喝怀念怀念一下。呵呵。。。

认识这位卖蛋糕的海南麦, 她的烘木薯糕和椰子塔又香又好吃。和她聊天时, 有好几个人来买牛油蛋糕和木薯糕。我还会再来光顾她的蛋糕。

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