Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Singapore National Day Parade 2016 新加坡2016国庆庆典


Singapore celebrated its 51st year of independence on Aug 9 with the vibrant National Day Parade. Many of my friends were frantically looking for tickets to the parade because it is returning to the new National Stadium at Kallang for the first time in ten years.

We usually receive tickets to watch the annual National Day parades but give them away as I dislike crowds and the hassle of jostling to get on public transport after the show. I prefer to watch the Live telecast in the comfort of my home.


Watching National Day Parade 2016 while having our dinner....., only allowed on National Day and Chinese New Year Reunion dinner. LOL

NDP16 c

My attention span is short, I would wait for President Tony Tan's arrival and his inspection of the troops.

I always look forward to seeing our handsome guys in their smart uniforms from the Singapore Armed Forces (which includes the Singapore Army, the Republic of Singapore Air Force and the Republic of Singapore Navy), military band performance, the feu de joie and ceremonial drive past for President Tony Tan.

NDP16 d

Friends who attended NDP 2016 sent me photos and videos of the parade. They truly enjoyed themselves especially when our NDP theme songs were played. They were in a patriotic mood and it was an emotional moment as thousands of Singaporeans sang their hearts out for Singapore.

Among the highlights this year is an amazing indoor pyrotechnics display, that left me in awe.

NDP16 b

About 55,000 spectators, decked out in the national colours of red and white, attended the parade at the new Sports Hub. 3,000 performers were involved in NDP 2016, which has 6 acts and a grand finale.

NDP16 a

Love the breathtaking fireworks display which lit up the sky at the grand finale of NDP 2016. Happy 51st birthday, Singapore!

在8月9日新加坡庆祝建国51周年, 今年的国庆庆典首次在新建的国家体育城举办。我最欣赏备受欢迎的一些传统项目,如阅兵仪式、烟火表演以及新加坡空军部队F-16D型战斗机表演。

今年的表演首次加入室内烟火表演,以及无人驾驶科技表演。有55000名观众出席国家体育场的国庆庆典。每次庆典最让我印象深刻的,就是绚烂的烟火表演, 把庆典推向高潮。新加坡51岁生日快乐!

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