Friday, August 12, 2016

Breakfast at Kim Keat Palm Market and Food Centre 大巴窑金吉坊熟食中心吃早餐


It has been a while since our last visit to Kim Keat Palm Market and Food Centre (Block 22 Toa Payoh Lorong 7). One morning, we took a leisurely bus ride to have our breakfast there. We like the food centre because it offers many delicious food at reasonable prices.

Hubby's first choice is to order his favourite Hainanese Laksa (S$3) cooked by his fellow Hainanese at Hainan Xiao Chi (海南小吃) which sells Hainanese yi buah and the dessert made from the Chinese Feverine (Paederia scandens) vines too.


I prefer to try out a food stall that I have not patronised. I walked around the food centre and decided on this stall that sells a variety of noodle dishes. I ordered the pork rib prawn noodle soup (S$5). The stall owner Mdm Chua was curious when I took photos of her stall, she thought I was a foreigner.

When I informed her I would be posting her dish online, she was quite happy. She laments that most new customers usually come to look for food stalls that were recommended by the media and bypass the rest of the stalls that sell pretty tasty food.

I got quite a big bowl of noodles with lots of ingredients. I like the savoury pork ribs.


We always leave some space for the desserts from Dove Dessert. That morning, hubby had a bowl of warm bubur cha cha (S$1.50) while I prefer an iced cold cheng tng (S$1).

Love their old school desserts which sell for only S$1.


Hubby ordered two slices of his favourite pancakes with shredded coconut filling (80 cents each slice) at Granny's Pancake (Toa Payoh Lor 7) to takeaway for his tea time snack. Stallowner Mdm Loi comes from the same town of my parents-in-law on Hainan island.

She offers 4 kinds of fillings for the vegetarian pancakes : red bean paste, ground peanut, shredded coconut and creamy peanut butter. She is very generous with her fillings.


Another takeaway for hubby, who loves their sweet and sour pork and spicy eggplants, is at Lai Heng Economic Chap Chye Rice operated by Mdm Tan and her younger brother. Hubby adds some stir-fried spinach and this packet of mixed rice cost S$2!

There's always a long, long queue in front of this stall daily. Their selection of about 20 dishes are usually tasty. My son and I love their deep fried chicken wings and fried fish.

Many elderly residents patronise this stall because they charge very reasonable prices. Every now and then, a generous sponsor would buy 100 packets of mixed rice (costs only S$200) and distribute to the needy elderly residents nearby.


我们喜欢海南小吃的海南叻沙, 他们还卖鸡屎藤粑仔汤、海南糕点如薏粑。那天早上外子选择吃海南叻沙。我却想尝尝没光顾过摊位的美食, 走了一圈熟食中心, 选择了肉骨虾面汤。


外子喜欢吃椰丝面煎粿, 这摊售卖面煎粿的是两位海南麦, 所以每次我们都以海南话交谈。她们制作的面煎粿共有4种口味:花生、红豆、椰丝和花生酱。她们下内馅不吝啬, 一块内馅饱满的面煎粿才卖80¢。

一鱼或肉加上一菜和饭,只卖1元8角!难怪这家“来兴经济什菜饭”,每天摊位前都会排起长长的人龙。杂菜饭摊女摊主陈女士和她的弟弟每周开档六天 (星期六休息),每天营业十多个小时。他们卖得如此便宜,是靠薄利多销, 为区内老人服务。这么有爱心的小贩, 真难得!

价格:两菜1元5角、一菜一肉(鱼)1元8角、两菜一肉(鱼)2元、一菜两肉 2元5角、两菜两肉(鱼)2元8角。

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