Saturday, August 13, 2016

Singaporean Joseph Isaac Schooling wins historic Olympic gold medal 新加坡“蝶王”约瑟林赢得奥运金牌


Yeah!!! Congratulations Joseph Issac Schooling!

2016 Olympic gold medalist in the 100 m butterfly event! Joseph Schooling's winning time of 50.39 seconds is an Olympic record.  His medal is the first Olympic gold medal ever won by a Singapore athlete... making history for Singapore!

Congratulations to Singapore! Thank you Joseph Schooling for the 51st birthday gift for Singapore! Thank you for bringing Olympic glory to Singapore!


Joseph Issac Schooling makes history in the 100 m butterfly event!

Our hearts were pounding watching you swim. Excitement turned to happiness as we stay glued to the live telecast to witness this historic moment.


Joseph Issac Schooling's winning time of 50.39 seconds!


Congratulatory message from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.


Great news for all Asians as this kid from a tiny red dot Singapore wins an Olympic gold medal and beats Michael Phelps!

Thank you Joseph Schooling and Team Singapore for making Singapore so proud!


A proud moment for Singapore ........

Making Singapore flag fly high in Rio..... the Majulah Singapura anthem at Rio2016 makes us all Stand Up for Singapore!

Joseph Issac Schooling, you make so many Singaporeans cry and scream for joy today!


It's real! It's not a dream! 

We did it!

Finally on our 51st year of independence..... an Olympic Gold medal by a Singaporean, for Singapore!

A fabulous birthday gift for our country's 51st National Day. Majulah Singapura!!

Most heartfelt congratulations to Joseph Schooling. Well done! You cannot imagine how proud we are of you.

新加坡的骄傲! 恭喜“蝶王”约瑟林!

新加坡时间8月13日上午9时(里约时间12日晚10时)的男子100米蝶泳决赛, 新加坡“蝶王”约瑟林为新加坡实现奥运游泳奖牌 - 新加坡有史以来的第一枚奥运金牌。约瑟林以50秒39、创奥运会纪录的成绩,打败了美国“飞鱼”菲尔普斯(Michael Phelps)。

我们办到了! 我将永远记住这一天。很值得庆祝的一天!
谢谢约瑟林为国争光, 为新加坡人争气! 这是献给新加坡最佳的51岁礼物!


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    1. Thank you. Train your little kucing to be a sportsman. :D

  2. Wow... someone sure is excited! Actually, I can imagine the whole of Singapore being happy and excited by this Olympic achievement! :)