Saturday, July 09, 2016

Lebuh Cecil Market @ Penang 槟城七条路巴刹美食

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Our Datuk friend planned a durian plantation trip for us on our last day in Penang. His driver came to fetch us and when told we had not eaten our breakfast, he brought us to this market not far from our guesthouse.

Took a walk through this old market, there were quite a number of stalls with queues. Was told that many locals come here to do their marketing and eat at the hawker stalls. few tourists know this place. I chose to eat a light noodle soup as there might be a durian feast later. haha...

The Duck Meat Koay Teow Th'ng here seems popular. I ordered a regular bowl of noodles (RM4) which has slivers of duck meat, tiny pieces of coagulated duck blood, intestines and 2 meat balls. Bland broth, probably because it was too early as the broth was not flavourful enough.

There is a selection of ingredients you could add-on to your noodles - meats like pork balls, sliced pork, minced pork balls etc.

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The driver bought a special dish for us to try - stir-fried sago. And he said this is the only stall that sells it in Penang. The sago slices were too thick and starchy. Cooked using a spicy sweet sauce, the slippery noodle was cold because they pre-fried it and store in a huge pot. RM2 per plate

He also bought us chilled luo han guo (monk fruit) drinks. Not too sweet, it has dried longans and agar agar in it. Like the taste. RM2 for a cup.

Old hawker stall that has been operating for more than 30 years here, they are famous for Lo Han Kuo drink. Great for quenching my thirst!

槟城七条路巴刹, 一个结合菜市场和小贩中心为一体的巴刹。这里通常都是当地人才知晓,听说游客一般较少来到这里。

叫一碗鸭肉粿条汤吃, 没有鸭腥味。除了鸭肉之外还有鸭血、粉肠、肉丸等,价钱也不贵。我把鸭血、粉肠挑出来, 我不敢吃。

槟城目前只剩下这唯一一档有卖炒硕莪了。口感是软软QQ的, 不粘牙,辣中带一点甜味。

炎热的天气, 喝一杯冰凉的饮料。已经经营了30多年的罗汉果饮料档, 罗汉果凉水里有燕菜、龙眼肉。

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