Friday, July 08, 2016

Good Food on Presgrave Street @ Penang 槟城三条路美食

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I stayed in a guesthouse on Presgrave Street when I was in Penang for 3 days in June. I was not far from good food, it fact it was so easy to find good food that I was worried I might indulge too much and put on weight  -_-

Right at my doorstep were these night hawkers selling delicious street food. They start selling at 5.30 pm daily.

Some of our hospitable Penang friends brought us around and we didn't have the chance to taste the food nearby. On the second night, after a sumptuous dinner, hubby insisted we should taste the street food as we would be returning to Singapore the following day. We bought these food to our guesthouse.


**  888 Prawn noodles' rich broth is to-die-for, we finished every drop of the soup. They added crispy fried shallots, their chilli sauce is so spicy but delicious. We opt to add a portion of crunchy roasted pork, can opt for pig skin, pig intestines, fish balls, braised egg too.  RM6.30

This stall also sells Loh Mee, noodles braised in a starchy gravy filled with all sorts of ingredients. Option to add vinegar.

**  springy wanton noodles with savoury black sauce, two types of pork dumplings, char siew.  RM4

**  chendol was sold out, so we ordered ice kacang which has attap chee, grass jelly and red beans in it, not enough evaporated milk.   RM2.70

** oyster omelette was soggy because we had it takeaway. Small oysters, I don't like this oyster omelette.  RM8

There are also stalls selling satay, fried chicken wings, roast meat rice etc
Presgrave Street Hawker Stalls (三条路)


We had an aromatic duck egg char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles) for supper at a coffee shop to the left of our guesthouse. Their fried rice is good too. There is a good porridge stall and a chicken rice stall. Good Hainan coffee and milk tea.

Kedai Makanan Bee Heong Wooi (美香园咖啡店),  Jalan C. Y. Choy

在槟城, 我住的民宿门口就是乔治市著名的三条路大牌档。

临回国的前一晚, 打包了888福建虾面, 云吞面, 红豆冰, 蚵煎回民宿吃宵夜。

福建虾面的汤底浓郁, 源自虾头熬出来, 加上特制辣椒, 好好喝! 这里另一个特色,就是任食客选择加料,配料有烧肉、粉肠、猪皮、卤蛋、排骨、鱼丸、猪脚等等。我选择加料 - 是脆脆的烧肉。一碗黄面加上配料, 淋上辣味的汤, 洒了猪油渣和炸葱头, 好吃极了!

Jalan C. Y. Choy的美香园咖啡店有好喝的海南咖啡和奶茶。那里有一摊鸭蛋炒粿条好好吃。