Sunday, July 10, 2016

Icy Cold Desserts on a Hot Day in Penang 冰凉甜品在槟城


The three days we were in Penang, the weather was extremely hot and humid. We had to drink lots of water and icy cold beverages to cool ourselves down. These icy cold sugary stuff are harmful to our bodies but we really need to cool down fast in this hot weather.


We walked in the scorching sun to Jalan Penang and seek out the Penang Road Famous Teochew cendol. Despite the hot sun, there was a long queue for the famed dessert.

We were fortunate to find an empty table at their air conditioned outlet nearby. We placed our orders of cendol and fruit rojak. Very soon, the air-con outlet was filled with customers wanting to escape from the heat outside.


Hubby loves the Ais Tingkap on Lebuh Tamil (off Jalan Penang). It is a red coloured drink with young coconut flesh and basil seeds. Not too sweet, it has a nice fragrant and pleasant taste.

We were early as the stall opens at 2 pm, so we walked around the area and returned to the stall twice. On our third try, we just sat on the chairs next to the stall and wait for them to start selling.

When the stall owner was ready, we placed our orders but was dismayed to find out that their regulars have placed more than a hundred orders before us. We had to wait as the stall owner fulfilled orders of ten, twenty or more packets before us.

My hubby was a happy and satisfied man after he had his Ais Tingkap (RM2). haha....


As we were heading back to our guesthouse, hubby lamented he has not had his ice kacang. *slap forehead*

It was really too hot to return to Jalan Penang so we went to a Penang Road Famous Teochew cendol at an air conditioned mall near Komtar. The ice kacang (RM4.90) looked more presentable and it was more cooling to sit in an air conditioned environment. ahhhh......

在槟城那几天, 炎热的天气真让人受不了! 我们无时无刻都得喝冰水补充水分, 也幸好有好多消暑清热的冰凉甜品和饮料。 我们喜欢槟城律驰名潮州煎蕊, 红豆冰和 源自斯里兰卡的 Ais Tingkap。