Monday, July 11, 2016

Kafe Ping Hooi @ Penang 槟城槟园茶室美食


It was my fifth trip to Penang and I had fun hunting for food. I have my favourite Penang food that I would never grow sick of eating. Penang food is sold in Singapore but they taste different.    

We weighed ourselves on the day we flew to Penang, allowing ourselves a 2 kg weight gain. Despite having a diet meal plan to adhere to, hubby and I just caved and satisfied our food cravings for the 3 days. LOL


On this trip, we were staying on Lebuh Presgrave which is within walking distance to many good food and my favourite hawker stalls. My Penang friends recommended some new hawker stalls in that area for me to check them out too. 

We walked a lot, and even climbed hills, after eating to burn off the calories.


I miss Penang loh bak (five-spice pork roll) very much when I was in Singapore. I went to Ping Hooi coffee shop on Lebuh Carnarvon as soon as I could to satiate my cravings of loh bak and Hokkien Prawn mee.

The loh bak stall sells an assortment of deep-fried pork, beancurd, braised egg, prawn rolls, battered fish and squid. One early morning, I had the battered fish which is really tasty. It's usually sold out in the afternoon. Freshly cut cucumber is served as a side with starchy braised sauce and chilli sauce. I ate loh bak for two consecutive days at the same coffee shop.

Like this old coffee shop which has one side of the wall lined with wooden cubicles. Hard to get a table as it is always crowded during breakfast and lunch.

We also have several choices of noodle at Ping Hooi : char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles), the starchy loh mee (braised pork noodle) and spicy Hokkien prawn mee.


Besides their thick and aromatic Hainan coffee, we like their 3-colour milk tea and iced nutmeg drink.

Kafe Ping Hooi
Lebuh Carnarvon

到了槟城, 只想吃我朝思暮想的槟城五香卤肉卷。这次因为住靠近槟城光大一带, 我们每天都步行到沓田仔街的槟园茶室吃饭。这间传统老咖啡店集合了大部分的槟城美食,像福建虾面、云吞面, 炒粿條、卤面, 还有我喜欢吃的槟城五香卤肉卷。这里的海南咖啡好喝, 我比较喜欢他们的冰三色奶茶和豆蔻果汁。


  1. Do you cook any of these dishes at home. Maybe once in while could you share some of these recipes.
    Coffee is on

  2. I cook some of these dishes at home. I will share the recipes when I cook them. They are delicious.