Friday, June 17, 2016

Visit to Singapore's Little India 逛逛新加坡小印度


Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple looks so magnificent on an early morning.

Together with my husband, we had a breakfast meeting with several Indian businessmen in Singapore's Little India. We had teh tarik (pull tea), thosai and prata.

When our hosts brought us on a tour of their neighbourhood, I took some quick shots. Because I was trying to keep up with the men who were walking fast, most of the photos I took looked blurry. ish.


We declined our hosts' offer for lunch at a curry fish head restaurant, instead we opt for hawker food at Tekka Centre.

There were long queues at popular stalls during lunch hours. My hubby ordered his favourite Indian rojak. I wanted a roti tissue but the stall owner couldn't do it because of the lunch time crowds.

I spied an interesting drink at one stall. Ordered this Dinosaur Bandung (Rose syrup drink with a huge scoop of Milo) ..... it tasted weird. hahaha.....

Love Little India with its beautiful temples, exotic markets and delicious food, a vibrant and colourful neighbourhood not to be missed.


We stopped by Peace Centre to see the kacang puteh man on the way to another meeting. My favourite childhood snacks and it has been a long time since I ate some. Nostalgic.

Bought my favourite fried tapioca snack.


Next we stopped by our fellow Hainanese clansman's shop for some golf ball-sized pineapple tarts, Bought 3 boxes to gift a couple of friends. Bought a small box of the pineapple tarts to satisfy my cravings. I find the pineapple filling too sweet, probably due to my current low sugar lifestyle. hehe....


之后与老公在竹脚小贩中心吃午餐, 喝了怪怪的万隆恐龙饮料。午餐时间人很多, 买食物需要排长龙。


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