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Tong Heng Confectionery's Egg Tarts 东兴饼家蛋挞

Tong Heng 2

One of my overseas friends from the United States who has never eaten an egg tart, is curious to know how our Singapore egg tart looks like.

Presenting my favourite egg tart in Singapore - Tong Heng's signature diamond shaped egg tarts. Tong Heng Confectionery (est. 1920s), a traditional Chinese bakery specialising in Cantonese pastries, is renown for its egg tarts. They have two variations of egg tarts, the original and the coconut egg tarts (which I love).
Fabulous not so sweet eggy filling with coconut strips in flaky pastry. Yumsss...

Located in the heart of Chinatown, it is popular not only with Singaporeans but tourists from all over the world, especially from Japan and South Korea. Whenever I bring my overseas friends to buy egg tarts, we would see cute Japanese or Korean ladies posing for pictures with the egg tarts. haha....

Tong Heng 3

Tong Heng has a wide range of traditional Chinese pastries all prepared manually by hand and freshly baked daily. My elders like their flaky pastry filled with green bean paste, melon paste or lotus paste and almond biscuits. The younger generations in my family prefer the savoury items like char siew sou (shortcrust pastry stuffed with barbecued pork) and gai zhai peng (savoury cookies).

There is limited seating available, but whenever we can find a table, we prefer to eat the egg tarts when they are fresh out of the oven. Their old styled French toast with kaya (not much promoted since it is difficult to mass made them in advance) is simply delightful. Each piece is freshly cooked to order and despite having to wait more than twenty minutes sometimes, I would wait patiently for it. 

During Lunar New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival, steamed sticky rice cakes and moon cakes will be sold on top of the standard pastry items.

Tong Heng 4

Tong Heng participated in the Singapore Heritage Fest 2016 this April. I visited the event and was happy for them when a non-stop, long queue formed in front of their stall. 

I was told they had to return to their shop to replenish the pastries several times. I didn't manage to get my egg tarts because of the long queue. 

For my good friend, watch this video to view the lovely people behind the delectable egg tarts and how the delicious desserts are made. 

位于牛车水的东兴饼家是新加坡传统老字号饼店, 起源于1920年,蛋挞颇有名气。其他受欢迎的美味中式点心还有老婆饼、莲蓉饼、鸡仔饼、合桃酥、皮蛋酥、叉烧酥等等。所有的糕点都是每天新鲜出炉而且是纯手工制作,店门口不时排长队。

蛋挞有原味鸡蛋和椰丝鸡蛋挞, 其蛋挞呈菱形, 我较喜欢他们的椰丝鸡蛋挞。我不时介紹外国朋友来这里品尝和买蛋挞。

Tong Heng Confectionery 东兴饼家
285 South Bridge Road Singapore 058833

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