Friday, June 24, 2016

Or Tor Kor (OTK) Market @Bangkok 曼谷Or Tor Kor 果菜市場

BKK 15

After shopping at Chatuchak (aka JJ Market) Weekend Market, we walked through the underground level of the MRT to this fruit and agricultural market, Or Tor Kor Market.

It is a big, airy (no aircon) and clean market where we found all sorts of live seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits. We saw some red pomelos, beautiful big mangoes, huge Thai durians and pomegranates... prices were pretty expensive compared to those sold by street hawkers, but the fruits are of a better quality. I bought my favourite mangoes and a pomegranate.

There is also an awesome ready to eat or take home food section. Fantastic selection.


Since we were staying a few days in Bangkok, I could only buy dried foodstuff to bring home. There is a section dedicated to dry goods, I bought salted fish, aromatic spices and more.

I bought a kilo of preserved diced radish to cook my hubby's favourite chai poh neng (radish omelette). This Thai sweet preserved radish is so delicious, we cooked it often.

Simply love the convenience of this market where I found all the ingredients I need for my Thai dishes. I had a blast buying various spices, sauces and dried foodstuff for cooking Thai dishes.


Although it was almost 4 in the afternoon, the live seafood stall still had a large selection of fresh prawns and lobsters for sale. You can also buy charcoal grilled gigantic prawns. We were so stuffed eating snacks at JJ weekend market that it was impossible to to find space for these delicious seafood. ish.

Looked at the cooked food longingly but had to passed them on as there were simply too many places on our to-eat list of Thai eateries that we want to go to.


Maybe next trip I will plan a longer stay in Bangkok and takeaway ready to eat food to my hotel for my meals. The market closes in the evening.

How to go : take public transport to MRT Kampaeng Phet station
The closest BTS skytrain station is Mo Chit.

在翟道翟区週末市场大买特买后, 往附近的Or tor kor果菜市场逛逛。Or tor kor 是一个很明亮、 干净、整洁的市场。没有冷气,东西价格很公道,而且种类齐全。市场一边是果菜市场,一边是熟食摊位, 布置得很有秩序, 有提供桌子和椅子以供顾客品尝购买食物。

水果很新鲜,但是价格也很贵, 要讨价还价的。水果摊卖的著名泰国“金枕头”榴槤,蜜芒, 石榴和红柚挺不錯的, 是买泰国土产的好地方。

海鲜比较贵一点。看看炭烧大虾螃蟹 。。。看起来好好吃喔! 市集里的各种泰国香料、调料种类相当丰富,有冬阴功、泰式咖喱、炒粉调料等。很多都是已经将各种香料混合搭配好的小包装,价格也不贵,我买了一些回新加坡DIY。

买1公斤泰国甜菜脯回新加坡煎菜脯蛋, 超级喜欢吃这道美味的菜脯蛋! 煮潮州糜配搭这道菜脯煎蛋 。。。现在写了还会流口水, 哈哈。。。

爱吃的我可一次过在此试尽特式泰食, 购买泰国料理食材。


营业时间 0830 - 1700

交通方式:曼谷MRT地铁站Kamphaeng Phet
                     BTS Mo Chit 站

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