Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bangkok Chinatown Local Market 曼谷唐人街菜市场


Having been to Bangkok many times, the thought of going to Bangkok's Chinatown has never crossed my mind. On one particular trip, I was told to meet an elder for breakfast in Yaowarat Road early one morning.

Fearing that I would be late should there be traffic congestion, I went very early to Chinatown. Turned out I had more than 80 minutes to while away before my morning appointment.  -_-

Since I was in Yaowarat Road, I decided to take a look at its local market.


I was ecstatic to see many familiar Teochew food that are not easily available in Singapore. I wanted to buy some preserved food but was apprehensive about the smell. Plus I didn't want to look like a housewife who has just returned from marketing. haha.....

This local market looked clean, it was not wet and smelly like some of our wet markets in Singapore. It wasn't crowded, probably because it was a weekday.


There were many stalls selling ready cooked food. Seeing the plump steamed fish.... made me think of a steaming bowl of porridge to go with them. *Drools*


My favourite Teochew png kueh (Teochew glutinous rice cakes)!

Besides the usual savoury glutinous rice filling, they also have fillings of yam paste or red bean paste. Each piece costs 20 baht. *drools*


This dry goods store is stocked with lots of fish maw. What a waste! I couldn't shop for anything. The thought of me lugging bags of dried goods to business meetings was a good reason not to buy them.

It really upsets me whenever I think of this market because I didn't have a chance to go back to shop for my foodstuff during that trip.


Since I could not shop, I decided to take a stroll to my meeting venue. I passed by this traditional Chinese pastry shop Tae Loa Chin Seng Bakery which has been around for more than 70 years. Trays of freshly baked tau sar piah (flaky cakes with red bean filling) were being brought out. My stomach started growling......

曼谷唐人街菜市场在耀华力路 (Yaowarat Rd) 跟查龙恭路 (Charoen Krung Rd) 中間。有一次, 我在曼谷会议之前, 逛逛当地菜市場。

菜市场干净,不湿无异味, 里面卖的东西都大同小异, 看起来无异于新加坡的。这里的小贩多数说潮州话。看了一下这里的小吃,都跟潮州人的一样, 做法都一样。这里卖好些熟食, 看到这个潮州饭粿有2种口味 - 豆沙跟芋头, 1个卖20铢。


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  1. I went in the afternoon and didn't see any of those. Should probably planned another trip to Chinatown in my next trip to Bangkok.