Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sanya Marriot Hotel Dadonghai Bay 三亚山海天万豪酒店

sunset over Dadonghai Bay

We arrived in Sanya from Haikou by Hainan High Speed Railway within 2.5 hours. We had time for tea before checking into Sanya Marriot Hotel Dadonghai Bay.


I had a room to myself and oh my, was I impressed with the room! I took a few pictures of the sunset over Dadonghai Bay before heading out for a dinner appointment.


Check out the inviting bathtub, would love to have a nice soak in it! A pity I didn't get to use it because I was too exhausted after coming back from dinner. It was almost 12 midnight, so I took a bath and went straight to bed because I needed to wake up at 6.30 am. grrr.....


I woke up before dawn and had a quiet moment on the balcony watching the sunrise from the round sofa.

sunrise over Dadonghai Bay

Disappointing, it was not a fantastic sunrise. Went down to have a buffet breakfast before checking out.

在三亚, 入住三亚山海天万豪酒店。酒店给升级了豪华海景套房,面积很大, 景观超棒。 窝在阳台的大圆沙发里能一览无余欣赏大东海海景和美丽的日出日落景观。最醒目的就是那个硕大无比的圆形开放式浴缸。 早餐品种很丰富, 但我减肥并没有吃太多。


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    1. Yes, had a good sleep on the huge, comfy bed. A pity, didn't get to enjoy the tub.