Saturday, March 26, 2016

Backstage of a Teochew Opera Performance - 潮州戏的后台


Two weeks ago, I was invited to a Teochew opera performance by Nam Hwa Opera Limited. I had an opportunity to go backstage to observe the actors wear their make-up and costumes.

There were scores of actors waiting for their turns to put on their make up in a small room, I had to move carefully in the cramped place.

Make up

It was an amazing thing to watch ordinary people transformed into fascinating characters within an hour.

An experienced make-up artist and a professional opera hair-dresser were on site to help the actors put on their make-up and hair pieces.

It was interesting to see the hair-dresser worked as he put on wraps, fringe and long sideburns piece-by-piece, then layer-upon-layer of hairpieces.

I am especially attracted to the beautiful, elaborate hair ornaments and accessories of the Teochew actresses who play wealthy ladies. I took pictures and watched silently so as not to get in their way.


After getting their make up done, the actors changed into their costumes with help from professionals. 

They looked so elegant and handsome in their costumes that I simply had to take some photos. 


make up and dress up a Teochew character - wealthy lady


 make up and dress up a Teochew character - Scholar 


make up and dress up a Teochew character - warrior and wealthy lady

Thanks to the kind performers posing for me. I couldn't take the pictures for the rest of the actors as they were rushing on stage for their performances.

两周前在南华儒剧社的潮剧潮曲推广演出的后台, 近距离地观看演员们上妆、换装。只见几位经验丰富的化妆师为演员们化妆,还有一位专业的梳妆师帮演员们定古装的发型头套。

离开场时间越来越近了, 陆续地越来越多化好妆的演员们都换上戏服。 趁还有点时间,我要求几位演员拍个照。他们欣然同意, 甚至摆数个姿势让我拍。真的很感谢他们。

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  1. Have not watch this for many years. Nowadays not many know how to perform opera already :(