Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Chaozhou traditional snacks (Part II)

chaozhou snacks2

My one day trip in Chaozhou ...... it was eat, eat, eat. I wish I had 7 stomachs. hahaha....

There were so many eateries and food stalls selling Chaozhou traditional snacks within the ancient city walls. I tasted some and had to forego many because my stomach couldn't take it.

Chaozhou snacks

Some of the sweet snacks I tasted : crystal dumplings, assorted sweet dumplings, chive dumplings and braised potato-yam. To me, these food were either too salty or too sweet.
tng chang popia

Teochew tng chang popia (RMB 5) - a traditional snack from Chaoshan. I bought one to taste and OMGosh! This one has coriander leaves and black sesame in its filling. Initially I thought it was going to taste weird ..... but it turned out to be so fragrant and delicious. I regretted only buying one, now I am thinking of it day and night. ish.

Chaozhou oyster

Chaozhou oyster omelette - must try! Dinner on the second day of my Chaoshan Trip was at my own expense. Together with 3 tour members, we found a tiny eatery and ordered a plate of crispy fried oyster omelette, a bowl of pork ball soup and a fish dumpling soup. The bill was RMB40 (S$8 nia) !! We were served oyster omelette twice in restaurants, this one by the street hawker was much more delicious because it was crispy.

OK.... someone said it was delicious because it was fried with gutter oil. Joke, right? hahaha..... *feeling uneasy*


After dinner, we had desserts at a clean and trendy one-man-operated eatery. The young owner created some pretty desserts which was quite expensive.  It was a warm night, the chilled desserts were refreshing.

Couldn't resist a strawberry sundae from golden M, a treat from a sweet tour member. *happy*

Teochew olive

Green olives...., my late grandmother's favourite snack. They are easily available as you find pedlars selling them on the streets.

I have never like green olives because of their yucky taste.