Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thow Kwang Dragon Kiln Wood Firing Festival Preparation 2014


Paid a visit to Thow Kwang Dragon Kiln on a weekend to see the packing for the coming wood firing on Friday night. The impressive dragon kiln is only lit twice a year, and they are having a ceremony this weekend.

21 Nov 2014  7.30pm till late
Official Opening and Firing of the Dragon Kiln
(Free entry to opening night. Register with awakenthedragon3@gmail.com)

22 Nov and 23   10am until late
Local craft bazaar, Food market, Dragon tour and firing

23 Nov    10am - 5pm
Local craft bazaar, Food market, Dragon tour and firing
5 pm - 5.30pm   Water Battle and Closing of Festival


Built in 1944 by Mr Tan Kin Seh, Thow Kwang dragon kiln measures approximately 130 feet (40m) long and 16 feet (5m ) wide. It contains 3 main parts - a front firing chamber, a main chamber where ceramic pieces to be fired are placed, and a chimney at the tall end where smoke is emitted. Along the sides of the kiln, there are small openings call stokes. The stokes along the body provides both oxygen and firewood into the kiln

A unique natural glaze on the pottery is created when ashes produced by the burning wood and salt added through the stoke holes to the kiln undergo a complex reaction with the minerals from the clay,

We walked into the "dragon's belly", the pottery are still in the process of being packed within the kiln for the firing. Each piece has to be carried into the kiln and carefully arranged to catch the passing flame. Packing the kiln is hard work! Packing the kiln is an art! The volunteers have to work hard to fill up that space in time for the wood firing. The entrances to the kiln is then sealed up during the firing.

hand-crafted pottery and manually powering the wheels 

It will take a couple of days to fire it and several more to cool it down.  The crews need to feed the fire around the clock for days. The firing will be amazing to witness.

We took a walk at the nearby Jurong Eco Park and took some pictures. Love the greenery and tranquillity.

                                                   Jurong Eco Park

If you’re like me, who attract mosquitoes like honey attract bees, spray yourselves down with insect repellent before you even exit the car. Jurong area where Thow Kwang is located, is frequently classified a dengue fever zone. Don't get ill.

85 Lorong Tawas Singapore 639823
Open daily, 9am to 5pm

Drive: Jalan Bahar Exit 36, keep left to Nanyang Ave, keep left to Clean Tech Loop

Public Transport: MRT to Boon Lay; then take Bus 199; Alight before Lorong Danau (Nanyang Ave)

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