Thursday, September 25, 2014

Penang Street Art

Penang Bruce
these uncles can really jump!!

An enjoyable part of sight-seeing in Penang :  Locating some interesting street art for a fun photo shoot while exploring George Town.


Some of the popular wall murals have a long queue of tourists waiting to snap photos. So be quick ..... and be prepared to be ogled or booed at when you pose (for too many shots) hahaha.....

Many tourists are courteous but there are some really rude ones who would not hesitate to jump queue and place themselves in the picture with you. Then there are the groups who take forever to finish taking pictures..... first they take one by one...... then whole group photos ...... and if one of them has an unsatisfactory picture, they try again. *roll eyes*

Penang swing

We were fortunate that it was drizzling when we were in George Town on the first day, so I was able to snap some good photos as other tourists took shelter.  

My poor models were wet and exhausted. hehehe.....

Penang boy

For 3 days we walked the streets with a list of 52 wrought-iron caricatures and 18 wall murals. Ha!

I did have to skip many beautiful art pieces due to the crowds. *sad*

A Penang friend offered to send me his complete set of Penang street art ...... THANKS ....  I cannot connect with the photos when they are not my own effort.

Penang bike2

Penang bike

Penang minion 1

Penang doors


street art

A local told me that we could book a trishaw rider on a hourly basis to locate the street art. I met two Japanese ladies who did that. The trishaw rider even helped them to take pictures.

It was much more fun hunting for the art pieces on my own :)


  1. The weather's too hot to walk around! I never bothered to hunt for these! haha, just drive around :P

    1. After the rain, it was terribly hot. The next two days also hot. Drink and eat lots of cold stuff.
      I got a tan in Penang! I also add on 2 kg of fats! LOL

  2. funny lah...

    hmm...shame to say i have yet to go there though i stay in Msia

    1. Your small kuching will be sunburnt oh..... maybe chao tar. The weather is too HOT! :D

      But can take nice photos....

  3. I go really really early then hopefully no one to boo me. LOL

    1. kekeke..... yes, must go early .... before the busloads of tourists arrive.

  4. I don't have the patience, if too many people, i walk off...

  5. This is real art ! Love all of them ! It's not at all like these awful graffitis you find on walls in every town !

  6. That's interesting art. Good to hear that Japanese people also visit this place.