Monday, August 04, 2014

Durian Buffet in Skudai

durian trip

My husband and I drove over to Skudai one evening to join some Malaysian bloggers and friends for a durian buffet.

There were 40 of us and every one is a durian lover :D


The durian plantation owner and his daughter came with a truck filled with durians. So cool to sleep on a bed of durians...... hahaha


We made many new friends and had fun. We were opening durian after durain, gorging ourselves silly with the King of fruits.


We learnt how to select good durians and to identify the different species. There were some species that we have never tasted before.

A wonderful evening of delicious durians and good company ..... we returned to Singapore in the wee hours of the morning.


  1. I loves durians, but nowaday i control myself not to eat too much...

    1. Me too. have to cut down on durians from this year onwards, too much sugar :P

  2. I can tell that you are really a HUGE fan of durian!

  3. Was. Maybe I ate too much lately. LOL
    A fascinating fruit for some of my foreign friends .

  4. Yum yum!

    I usually can't eat too much in one seating so I avoid buffets and buy a few only. ;)

  5. I had to look up what a durian was, looks like litchi. You seemed to have had a lot of fun ! 40 Bloggers ! I don't think that I could never gather so many people in Europe !

  6. You guys sure had fun with durian and...and...Haha :D

  7. It's the durian season and the King of Fruit is really getting cheaper nowadays. :)

  8. Well that was interesting ECL.. I had to Google Durians to make sure but I seem to remember watching a program about them and how awful they smell.. but I then read that it depends, some really love the smell and taste.. it's like everything oui :)

  9. love it! Too bad you have to cut back (or did you eliminate it?)

  10. I love durian too. Love the bitter type. There is one type with very thin and sharp thorn called durian hutan according to the seller...super bitter.

    One more durian i wish to try is the red color type. Have never tried before.

    by the way....since you are a durian lover, do you like to eat petai? usuall those who love durian will love petai :)

  11. Hi ECL, wow... durian party, you must be a huge fan of durian? :))

    Have a nice day, regards.

  12. Love durian. Few weeks back I eat almost every day and then got sick..LOL Now your durian photos make me wana go and buy again..