Saturday, August 17, 2013

Swanky Marina Bay Sands Hotel Chairman Suite - PhotoHunt


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Attended a media event where I got a taste of the high life in the Chairman Suite of Singapore’s swanky Marina Bay Sands Hotel. :)


The luxuriously-furnished suite has four bedrooms (three with balconies), two large living areas (one with dining area, dry bar and pantry, including fridge and microwave oven), a wet bar, games and media rooms, and a private exercise room complete with steam and sauna.  


From one of the living rooms, the view overlooking the swanky Marina Bay waterfront.

Set high on levels 53 and 54, the 629-square metre suite offers unobstructed views of the striking Singapore city skyline or lush Gardens by the Bay from three bedroom balconies.


The rooms are extremely spacious. The windows are large, which are fantastic to enjoy the view. The decor is modern and luxurious.


A neat office


Games room with pool table, bar and sink

MBS infinity pool 2

The spectacular 150m Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands SkyPark.

Price for a night : >S$17000


  1. $17000 is too much for me. when U pay this kind of money, u don't want to go out.

    The swanky place is my bro's place in Oz. I am the poor cousin who goes to visit.

  2. True, I won't want to go out of the room if I am paying >S$17000 a night for it. :)
    For this amount of money, I could fly to Europe for a one week holiday.

  3. Tu as de belles adresse et un goût du luxe.
    Belle journée.


  4. It's so gorgeous and expensive but you can see whole nice city view. :D

  5. OMG - S$17,000 a night! For that price, there better be a family spending all 24 hours inside that suite -- otherwise I can't see how it be worth it!!! :O

  6. That is swanky indeed! For that we could fly to Europe, and take our families with us :-)

  7. Really a swanky place.....and the price...omg....

  8. wow! that's more than expensive to me! LOL but i have to say this passes for this week;s theme. perfect.

  9. Price for a night : >S$17000??? Aiyoooo yooo!! LOL!

  10. You mean there's a pool table in the room? Fancy indeed! :)

  11. Wonder when I'll get a feel of this swanky room indeed! :)