Monday, August 19, 2013

SDP Party - 80s Flair: A Night to Remember

Thriller Night!! (Photo credit: Lawrence Chong)

On Saturday, a friend invited my husband and I to Singapore Democratic Party's event, 80s Flair: A Night to Remember. The party-cum-talent show was held at NTU Alumni Club @One North.

SDP party
With new friends (Photo credit: SDP) 

A friendly and smiling Dr Chee Soon Juan (SDP Secretary-General) was at the entrance to welcome guests. He shook our hands and chatted briefly with us.

We made several new friends. Later in the evening, Dr Chee's beautiful wife Mei and SDP Treasurer Dr Vincent Wijeysingha came to our table to chit chat.

Chee Soon Juan song
 Dr Chee Soon Juan sang James Taylor's You've Got a Friend (Photo credit: SDP) 

After a scrumptious buffet spread, several party leaders performed songs, dances, mimes and skits to entertain the guests. MC Jag Singh was hilarious. I laughed until my sides ached.


Charming Dr Vincent Wijeysingha sportingly dressed up as Michael Jackson and executed the moonwalk. :D

(Photo credit: Lawrence Chong) 

Body-builder Mr Farhan trotted out on stage, showing-off his washboard abs and ginormous biceps to the delight of the ladies. Some members of the audience including my hubby were then roped in to work the poses that Mr Farhan had demonstrated. There were lots of whistles and whoops as the men flexed their muscles.

Although hubby got the loudest applause, Jag remarked that "there are no losers in SDP, only winners", so everyone went back happy with a SDP bear keychain and a bar of chocolate. Thanks to the participants for a good laugh :)


Exercise physiologist Dr Rano Izhar Rahmat caused us to hold our breaths as he deftly chopped a sugar cane into half with his bare hand and then chopped his arm with a sharp knife. Amazingly his arm didn't break into two, there wasn't any scratches on it! He even broke a light bulb and proceeded to munch on a piece of the shattered glass and swallowed it! *speechless*

The highlight of the evening was when several committee members, posed as zombie dancers, emerged from among the audience in the darkened room and danced to Michael Jackson's Thriller. Although their unexpected appearance in the darkness frightened me for a moment, I was awed by their fabulous performance.

Everyone was just enjoying themselves. It was a memorable evening of fun and entertainment for everyone. Thanks to my friend for the invitation.


  1. What a fun evening with zombies in attendance too! LOL

  2. I bet the music was awesome that night, love 80s music! :)

  3. How come u didn't dress up as Madonna or sthg? He he! :)