Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bistro BoTintin@ PasarBella

Piping hot from the oven, the Spanish roast suckling pigs were quickly cut up and sold.

On Hari Raya Day, hubby and I had lunch at a local Chinese restaurant before heading to PasarBella to shop for pastries and cold cuts. The large crowd gathering in front of Bistro BoTintin attracted us.

Hubby quickly joined the long queue after seeing their irresistible, mouth-watering roast meats. lol....
A chef was busy preparing the Spanish suckling pigs for roasting.

I was looking for a table when the friendly owner Charles came forward to assist. He got me a table near the kitchen where I could see his chef preparing the meats for roasting.


We ordered some Spanish roasted suckling pig (S$7.50 per 100g) and a portion of roasted pork belly (S$6). The skin of the suckling pig was so crispy and yet the meat was moist and succulent. The meats were marinated with salt and pepper. There are 3 choices of dips - their special vinegar sauce, miso sauce and black pepper sauce. I tried all three.

There was a non-stop queue for the delicious roast meats. Charles was very attentive and kept checking on us. He cleared our plates and served us glasses of chilled water. At his recommendation, we ordered a portion of Black Pig Iberico Ribs (S$16).

Delicious Black Pig Iberico Ribs@ PasarBella - A Farmers' Market. Lightly marinated with salt, pepper and garlic before placing them into the oven , they are meaty, juicy and delicious. Worth waiting 35 minutes for this.

My hubby couldn't help gushing about these ribs after tasting them. I think we are going back for more soon :D


Shaved Iberico Ham S$20 per 50g


Charles let us try his delicious imported Petit Fours. Made with quality ingredients, they taste so good! They would be great for a home party.


  1. Replies
    1. Very good! Non-stop queue. Every time a roasted suckling pig comes out of the oven, it gets snapped up :)

  2. That was probably very good ! I would haven eaten it too, but not after seeing the poor piglets with their heads almost as if they were still alive :) !

  3. looks scrumptious especially when it's piping hot