Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dining at PasarBella, a Farmers' Market - WW

Oceans of Seafood  

There are many restaurants to choose from in PasarBella. Upon entering the market, I was attracted instantly to the array of fantastic ocean fresh seafood on display at Oceans of Seafood. It also has a restaurant where you can sample their selection of seafood.

                                              Le Patio Seafood Paella

A hot-favourite in the market, Le Patio Paella is a Mediterranean themed eatery. The weekend I was there, it was attracting a crowd queuing for its hearty offerings of Spanish seafood paella ($11.90), cooked before our very eyes in two massive cast-iron paella pans. The paella came with tiger prawns, fish, chicken, mussels and baby squid. The portion was substantial.


Huber's Deli, serving a range of freshly cooked gourmet hot sausages and cold cuts.


Da Paolo Gastronomia@PasarBella, a gourmet deli offering homemade pasta, sauces, salads, pizza, and sandwiches. We bought their National Day Crodos which were filled with fresh coconut creme and topped with more delicious coconut shavings.


There were several huge barrels scattered all around the premises for diners, who bought food and beverages from the various stalls, to sit and enjoy their meals.


We stopped for coffee at a cafe called the Dutch Colony at the entrance of Pasarbella before calling it a day.

A great place to spend a lazy weekend soaking up the offerings and ambience of a farmers' market.

PasarBella - A Farmers' Market
200 Turf Club Road Singapore 287994


  1. OMG, will mark this place down, definitely will pay a visit to this place next time :p

    1. Ken, a fun and interesting place where you could take lots of great photos here. :)

  2. hehe, wish to go to Singapore, but the exchange rate with Malaysia ringgit is so high loh~ sad...

    1. The exchange rate is a bit high these days. You have the chance to earn UK pounds since you are in England, then spend in Singapore. :)

  3. The restaurant looks nice! Haven't been to Sg for years already!!