Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vesak Day 2013 - PhotoHunt

PhotoHunt theme : A Special Texture/ Copper

Bathing of Prince Siddhartha 光明山浴佛

A few days ago, my elderly Mom had surgery to drain fluid from her brain. She had a fall and probably bumped her head, causing brain swelling due to bleeding. She lost her speech and mobility. Thanks to prayers and good wishes from relatives, friends and even strangers, my 76 year-old mother is recovering well. Yippee!

On Vesak Day, she was able to finish a bowl of porridge for lunch. After feeding my Mom, my hubby and I drove to Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery for the Vesak Day celebrations and to give thanks.

3 step 1 bow ceremony

My hubby used to participate annually in the 3 Step 1 Bow ceremony. This year he had to miss it as he was together with me taking care of my Mom.

A devotee told me that there was an  incredible turnout at the 3 Step 1 Bow ceremony which was in session throughout the night. Abbot had reminded all participants to bear the thought of gratitude throughout the ceremony. Having gratitude is the basis of all spiritual practice and aspirations. Cool.


These auspicious lanterns were sponsored by well wishers. 

The dining hall was busy and packed with crowds. The volunteers prepared a free flow of food and drinks for the faithful throughout Vesak eve until Vesak day.


The Dragon Pond was prettily decorated with large artificial lotus flowers. I don't know what special texture was used for these pretty 'blooms'. They are waterproof and will magically transform into twinkling fairy lights in the night. Many visitors enjoyed this lovely view and were seen snapping pictures of them.


I was queuing to throw coins in the wishing fountain when I saw a boy with several Singapore 1-cent coins. We hardly see them any more. I have a few hundreds of these coins at home. They are useless as nobody would accept them. The production of 1-cent coins has been discontinued some years back due to inflation.

Recently the price of copper has risen to new highs. I thought my 1-cent coins were made of copper and would fetch me a tidy profit. Unfortunately, they are made from copper-plated zinc.  -_-


  1. Oh you will find more uses for your copper coins. I've seen a kitchen tiled with copper coins and a sidewalk in New Orleans also tiled with copper coins.

    Glad your mom is on the mend.

    1. Cool, I will try to google those and come up with ideas to use my 'copper' coins. :)

      Appreciate your kind concern. Thanks.

  2. Good to hear your mother is recovering well, ECL. :)

  3. Great Photo Hunt entry for this week, ECL. You've outdone yourself this time!

    And it's good to hear your mother's firmly on the road to recovery. :)

  4. Good to hear your mother is on the way to speedy recovery!
    Cool takes on the themes

  5. Glad to hear that your mother is doing better.And a great photohunt post , happy weekend!

    my photohunt

  6. your Mum feeling better. It is more impt to be with her than go on ceremony. Your god will understand.

  7. No, no coins, can u melt yours down and make a special gift.

  8. We also throw the coin in the temples. It's interesting.

  9. I'm so glad your mother is doing well and how her recovery is swift. Wonderful set of shots.

  10. I should google porridge to see what exactly porridge is..but I gather it some type of cook cereal most of them to me are yummy.
    Those lotus are sure pretty.
    Mine is up and the coffee is on.

    Well wishes to your mom that her health improves

  11. Continuing healing progress for your mother!

    We have also discontinued the copper coins.


  12. HOw interesting to hear about Vesak Day (something new for me to learn today). Gratitude is .. or at least should be .. important to us all!! The lotus flower/candles are beautiful.

    I am so glad your mom is recovering well from that fall (a scary thing for me to think about, as she is really just about our age, only a little older.)

  13. hope your mother will continue to recover well. i'll pray the best for her. best wishes.