Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Breakfast On The Beach - WW

Breakfast @ East Coast Park

Day 2 of blogger Simple American's visit, I planned a special breakfast on the beach for our friends from the USA.

Hubby and I woke up early to buy breakfast from the various food stalls scattered over Katong area. As it was a Monday, many stalls were not opened. We bought Singapore Fried Carrot Cake and Roti Prata from the coffeeshop at Jago Lane.

The main Katong Laksa shop at 328 East Coast Road (opens 9.30 am) wasn't ready for business yet, so we drove over to their branch at number 51. The lone staff there was still preparing ingredients and cooking the gravy. He was so kind to cook a special bowl of Laksa for me to take away even though it was only 8.15 am. The stall opens at 8.30 am.

ondeh-ondeh (sweet potato balls covered with grated coconut)

We next proceeded to Kim Choo Kueh Chang Babi, the rice dumpling factory to buy their mini Nonya rice dumplings (a box of 10 for S$10) and otak (a box of 10 for S$6). The staff recommended their piping hot ondeh-ondeh (sweet potato balls covered with grated coconut S$2). A must try, one bite of the ball was a mouthful of sinful gula melaka (palm sugar). :)

SA held on to his hat and paper plate for dear life as the wind howled around us

It was breezy when we reached the beach. Just when we were starting to eat, it started to drizzle and then came the downpour. We scuttled for shelter at the nearest pavilion and continued with our breakfast. :)

Lady walking her dog in the rain 

Several park users braved the rain and continued with their morning exercise. We took our time to savour our breakfast while waiting for the rain to stop. Strong winds and heavy rain couldn't hinder us from sharing good food and excellent company. :D

That was a fun and memorable experience for all of us.


Before we left, SA dipped his feet in the sea (for reasons only known to him) :)

I brought SA and company round the neighbourhood to experience the real Singapore. They toured the hawker centre, wet market, supermarket, sport facilities, mall, coffee shops which make my housing estate self-contained in many ways. SA's wife compared the prices of daily necessities between USA and Singapore. Since many of our goods are imported, they tend to cost more. She shared many good tips on how to save money and stretch our dollar. Awesome.  :)

After lunch with another blogger, PY and I sent them back to the hotel. They left for KL for a few days' tour and would be back to the Lion City again. :)  


  1. Drooling at the ondeh ondeh! I love eating this with the gula melaka squirting out! Yummy!!

  2. I love the fragrant gula melaka....... mmmm...

  3. I love onde-onde too especially the gulas melaka! Yummy!

  4. Ondeh ondeh sounds good, definitely must be tasting good too. :) Happy WW!

  5. What a better way to experience Singapore than with a local! Those sweet potato balls look delicious and I love roti!

    1. hehe.... see what the locals live and have fun on this little island. Hope to host you one day AVCr8teur.

  6. Life is great when you can enjoy the simple pleasures outdoors regardless of the weather. (I'd be dipping my toes in the sea as well :)

    1. My overseas guests got to experience our tropical weather in a morning. First the sunshine, then the strong winds followed by a heavy tropical rain. :) Glad they had fun despite the weather. :)

  7. i love ondeh-ondeh too. I enjoy popping the whole ondeh ondeh into my mouth and get the scrumptious feel of melted gula melaka.

    1. Oh my, we do share similar eating styles when it comes to ondeh-ondeh :)

  8. What a treat for your visitors. Such an exotic breakfast to an American.

  9. What fun! Yes, despite the rain. ;)

    I'd be the one who braved the rain for a run ECL. ;)