Thursday, May 30, 2013

Best Sweets Selection@ Takashimaya

Roasted Sweet Potato Ice-cream :)

I love visiting Japansese food fairs in Singapore. Almost every month, one will be organised by the handful of Japanese departmental stores here. I chanced upon Best Sweets Selection@ Takashimaya yesterday night.

The stalls offered food tastings. I tried a few product samplings and bought some. :)

raw or oven baked sweet potatoes

Roasted Sweet Potato (Kaitsuka Yaki Imo) is oven baked for 70 minutes. Coming all the way from the Land of Sweet Potatoes Kagoshima Prefecture on the island of Kyushu, this roasted sweet potato is soft and creamy. What is special about this sweet potato is, it is extremely sweet! Normal sweet potatoes have 10% sugar but this variety contains 45% organic sweetness.

Costing S$9.80 per 100g, it is quite expensive but I just have to buy them. The sales lady taught me to chill them in the fridge. This morning when I took them out to eat, they tasted like roasted sweet potato ice-cream! yum yum....

farm designs

S$6.70 per slice yummy cheese cakes from Hokkaido

I couldn't resist these yummy cheese cakes. Their popular Cow cheese cake slices were sold out, but you can buy a whole one for S$28. I bought several slices in different flavours to try. Throwing my diet to the winds! haha....

Hokkaido Cow Cheese cake
Hokkaido Cow cheese cake (S$28) by Farm Designs

Schneeballen (Snow ball)

I was attracted by these colourful sweets in the display cabinet.

Traditional Germany sweets ”Schneeballen” which means Snowball in English is the culinary trademarks of Rothenburg, a romantic old city with picturesque scenery in Germany. Covered in chocolate and nuts or with whatever different filling, they are delicious.

Each sweet ball sells for S$6.90 or S$20 for 3. It was fascinating to see the sales staff demonstrating how the sweet ball is broken. They put a ball in a paper bag and smashed it with a wooden hammer (free if you buy 6 Schneeballen).

Schneeballen were once baked only for special occasions such as weddings, today they are served in numerous bakeries and cafés in Rothenburg. Glad to have a chance try this unique sweet in Singapore.

Takashimaya's Best Sweets Selection@Taka, Basement 2
From 24 May to 2 Jun 2013