Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Poh Guan Cake House, Traditional Chinese Pastries - WW


Established in 1930, Poh Guan Cake House (宝源饼家) is a traditional Chinese confectionery that specializes in making traditional biscuits, cakes, Teochew kuehs and snacks. I visit this shop regularly to buy their yummy pastries.


pastries are hand-made

Owner Chan Kim Ho took over the shop in 1958 from his father. He had to work 16-hour days with only one helper then. Mr Chan is very passionate about his craft, over the years he improves on his skills and recipes by learning from many masters. His pastries are popular

In recent years, I have seen a steady decline in the number of shops selling traditional Chinese pastries. I am glad Mr Chan has no intention to retire as long as he can still work, but long time customers like us are worried as his children are not willing to take over his business.


Traditional cakes and snacks

I come here without fail yearly to buy their sticky glutinous rice cake before Chinese New Year commences. Many Chinese couples come here to order their traditional wedding cakes. Singapore's famous actress, Fann Wong bought her traditional wedding cakes here too. :)


Axe Biscuit - Fu Tou Bing

Now, this is one traditional biscuit which my family and I love. We will munch this while watching TV programmes. It has a savoury filling and the more you eat, the more fragrant and tasty it is.


Tau Sar Piah (豆沙饼)

Poh Guan Cake House is also popular for its tasty sweet or savoury bean cakes (Tau Sar Piah) in Singapore. All their pastries are handmade and contains no preservatives.

Poh Guan Cake House 华人传统饼家 - 宝源饼家
Blk 531 Up Cross St #01-57 Hong Lim Complex S(050531).


  1. This all sounds very delicious ! I always love to try national food when I am abroad. If I like it or not is another question but at least I tried !

  2. i've always enjoyed traditional pastries especially the tau sah piar.

  3. I like their Tau Sar Piah (Teochew Version),
    and it cost only half the price of another popular establishment nearby. It also taste much better.
    Their Tau Sar Piah only cost 0.80 cts.

    I also fall in love with the Axe Biscuit, it have this special fragrant!
    The first time I ate it, I fall in love with it.


  4. HUngry lah...

    Pity I cannot eat those. Otherwise I ask you to send me some! LOL

  5. I believe this is happening around the world in old traditional, business? Whereby there is no one to continue the business.

  6. I don't think we have many such shops left in Malacca...which is a pity.