Friday, January 25, 2013

Knitted Architecture in Yangon - PhotoHUnt

PhotoHunt theme : Knitted/Architecture

a row of Victorian styled buildings in Yangon

Strolling along the streets of Yangon near my hotel, I was fascinated by the Burmese architecture which is heavily influenced by its proximity to China and India. Interwoven with spiritual, religious and political messages, Myanmar is home to some of the world's most magnificent buildings.


Wandering into a couple of side streets, I found some old, still thriving and not artificially made markets. They are a unique characteristic of Myanmar.


One market was built in 1905 and has 1156 shops. I enjoyed checking out the fresh produce and discovering more about the diet of the local folks.


Many of the items sold at these markets are not available in our modern supermarkets. The people from these very closely knitted social communities have their own ways of coping with the changing world. Without much help from the authorities, they manage to run their business and raise families.


In the afternoon, my guide brought us to one of Myanmar's famous landmarks. Every visitor to Myanmar must visit the spectacular Shwedagon Pagoda. I stood in awe of this bejewelled, golden beauty. I will write a special post on it.


  1. Wonderful shots of the architecture and markets.

  2. It would be fun to shop through the markets, and the pagoda is breathtaking! Happy weekend ECL :)

    I played too

  3. You have done t again ECL. This is great and I am so glad your post came up on my blog roll. Because I had forgotten to check the theme for this week.

    I hope you are well and that you have a super weekend! Hugs ♥

  4. superb posting for the combined theme. happy weekend.

  5. These are lovely photos, ECL. You make me want to visit Myanmar now!

  6. Looks beautiful ! What a nice architecture so different from ours ! and the landmarks are amazing !

  7. I had an uncle that was in Burma during WWII. I have this book when I was a child that it had some picture of people from Burma in there clothing. I thought there costume were really neat.
    Coffee is on.

  8. Wow! The Shwedagon Pagoda is sure a sight to see!

  9. I would love to visit this part of the world. Your photos are fantastic!

  10. nice pics ECL! looking forward to reading more abt your adventures in Myanmar ;)

  11. Wah wah wah.. happily strolling along the streets of Yangon it seems hahahah.. when is your next vacay dear?

  12. Love that last pic, wish it was bigger though so can enjoy the view more! :)

  13. I am just now getting around to visiting from Saturday's PhotoHunt. I love your tight knitted community.

    Tomorrow we are hunting a 'daub'~ see you then!