Saturday, October 27, 2012

Spooky Halloween in Singapore - PhotoHunt

PhotoHunt theme : Spooky/On the shelf

 Dressed for Halloween party as the ghost in the umbrella :D

A neighbour invited me to her Halloween party this year and guests are encouraged to dress up. I am going dressed up as an Asian ghost. hehe....

To really want to make her home stand out, we surfed the internet for some awesome ideas on spooky Halloween decoration that can sit on the shelf or adorn her front porch. Then came the fun part of planning for a party - shopping!!

We hope the guests are going to have a fun night. We are now busy cooking up a feast of frightfully good and creative treats sure to please guests of all ages. ;P

A young girlfriend has been bugging me to accompany her to a spooky adventure this Halloween at Sentosa Spooktacular 2012. There would be 200 'ghosts', probably plus some real ones, to scare the living daylights out of you!

I try every excuse I could think of to reject her. I am not fond of the dark and my heart is not strong for supernatural encounters.:P

The event is held at Fort Siloso which used to be a POW camp during the Japanese Occupation. Locals are used to hearing stories of ghosts seen wandering around Fort Siloso’s tunnels and colonial buildings. Presumably there would be many supernatural beings with lots of grievances who could not wait to get hold of a pretty mortal to relate their stories. Thank you, I am not interested to post their stories on my blog :P

Sentosa Spooktacular 2012

Date 19, 20, 26, 27, 28 October 2012
Time 7pm – 11pm

Have you got what it takes to survive 5 fright-filled trails of haunted souls? This Halloween, for the first time, Fort Siloso will be teeming with ghoulish goings-on as the most desperate, tortured and vengeful spirits rise to feed off the frenzied terror of anyone crazy enough to enter. So come play …if you dare!

Get Spooked at these 5 new haunted Trails
-Ouija Board
-Camp Berhantu
-Deadly Doll Studio
-The Land of Lost Souls
-The Last Sequel

Have fun and good luck! :D


  1. oh, that sounds interesting as well as scary..

  2. The spooktacular adventure in Sentosa? I hope my neighbour's party is not too scary for the kids. We want them to have fun.

  3. Even without going to Sentosa, sounds like you've got into the Halloween spirit... and yes, pun very much intended! ;b

  4. That is a sweet ghost!

    Lovely takes on the themes!!

  5. Tempting the souls of the dead sounds more spooky than I'd be willing to try. Best wishes at your party.

  6. The haunted trails sounds spooky. Enjoy the night.

  7. YTSL,
    haha.... and I thought I would be safe celebrating it at home.

  8. The Indulged Furries,
    No, I have no intention of tempting the souls of the dead. That's seeking for trouble. :P

  9. Vicki.
    Yes, the haunted trails sounds too scary that I am not willing to participate in this spooktacular adventure. :P

  10. Aqui no Brasil as festas de Halloween não são muito tradicionais, embora eu considere uma tradição interessante. Um abraço!

    O mirante da imagem

  11. Lots of spookiness there!

    Have a super weekend.

  12. a pretty ghost!

    i am weak when it comes to going to spooky shows and events. my heart will fail me, i bet!

  13. I like the ghost in the umbrella. Sounds like a fun party.

  14. I don't know what happens this year, but I can't see any Halloween decoration in the shop windows and apparently they don't do the annual Halloween party for the kids neither. You really have to look hard to find a pumpkin or a witch ! As there are no kids around I won't do anything this year and my friends neither.

  15. Not much go on around here for Halloween...I think this weekend I'm going out an buying a pumpkin so I can crave it.
    Coffee is on.

  16. I am a bit of a spook wimp...
    Happy Haunting y'all~

  17. JDeq,
    Thanks! Hope our Halloween party is not too spooky for the kids. :)

  18. bingskee,
    haha.... I have the same problem. I better stay out .

  19. Carver,
    Yes, we hope the kids and our friends will have fun at the party.

  20. Gattina,
    Weird, it is the same here in Singapore. It was difficult finding the Halloween decorations and there are limited choices. Many shopping malls and entertainment centres are not decorated for Halloween.

  21. peppylady,
    Please do. Post the pic up and blog about it.

  22. Love the asian ghost and the umbrella!! your party sounds spooky...5 trails of haunted souls? ::faint::

  23. Nice costume but your face needs to be moe scary he he, make it paler yowzaaaa!

  24. Happy Halloween -- sounds like a busy one... and scary!

  25. Mar,
    Oh no, my party sound spooky!? I am not putting on heavy Halloween make up.

    haha... the 5 trails of haunted souls frighten me too.

  26. Mariuca, you are back! Miss you.

    I cannot look too frightening because we have kids at the Halloween party, I don't want them to have nightmares. haha....

  27. Sallie,
    Yes, I've been busy baking and cooking for the party. taking a break now. :)

  28. You look amazing and so spooky ECL! My daughter who has long very dark hair went as the ghost from the Grudge movie so scary!

  29. Bia Hain,
    (Translation of Bia's comment from Portuguese to English)

    Here in Brazil the Halloween parties are not very traditional, although I consider an interesting tradition. A hug!

    The viewpoint image

    Hi Bia,
    Thanks for visiting. Sorry for the late reply as I was trying to find out what language you were using and to translate it. :P

    Halloween in Singapore is gaining popularity as more communities are celebrating it by organising fun activities for their members or residents.